I saw a great bag!

  1. Yesterday I saw a great BV IRL that I had totally overlooked in the catalog. Sorry no IRL pics, but it's on catalog page 70 sitting to the right of the lovely Pyramid bag. http://www.bottegaveneta.com/Catalog/FallWinterCatalog20072008.aspx?folderId=69924dcd-6b59-4a80-9b3c-6ce3eeca626c

    The satchel has a magnetic double-flap top for easy access, and the interior is accordian triple-compartment like the ROMA tote! The middle section zips, and there's a cell pocket in the front section, a wall zip in the back. The satchel handles aren't adjustable but it has a detachable messenger strap! It's a good size - very east/west like the flap satchel on Bluefly. I saw it in the new green/avacado shade - I bet this would look great in Noce! :nuts:
  2. wow blugenie, thanks for the great info!! I sure didn't pay much attention to that bag, but it sounds very nice!! definitely check this out at my next visit to BV.:yes:
  3. Kind of a stealth bag, isn't it? I noticed it because it reminds me (but not exactly) of one of the prototype bags I saw last spring.

    It helps so much, blugenie, to hear a personal account/viewpoint about the bags. I love that here!:flowers:
  4. Hmm, I kind of overlooked it too; may have to get a closer look at it next time I'm in BV. The price is a bit steep, though.