I saw a gold...

  1. bag - it looked like it had the leather from the vintage ligne, but I didn't like the shape.

    Does anyone know if they are making any small bags in gold???

    It was a little weathered and washed out - PERFECT!!
  2. Is it the dark-gold everyone is calling "bronze" like this bag?

  3. Oh that's gorgeous - is that the same colour as your reissue smoothoprter?
  4. that's what I was thinking. . . like a gilt or burnished gold{?}
  5. Yes, same color.:yes:
  6. yes.... its that color - I was wondering if they made it in something smaller or a clutch...
  8. They made the 2006 reissue in bronze in 226. They also made the zip-around wallet in bronze. I think that was it.

    Otherwise the other bronze bags are large.
  9. that is a stunning bag...I am a sucker for that leather.
  10. beautiful bag!!! I saw it IRL and it wasn't the same. The color I saw was all gold, no bronze. It also looked like it was part of the vintage ligne - same quilting and leather... ring a bell??

    I am in love with the color - I need a bag in it - lol