I saw a girl today wearing a Balenciaga..

  1. It was beautiful, a deep olive/greenish color. Never saw one in person.
    i think I'm in LOVE!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  2. where abouts?
  3. Lol! You might have to re-think your username.:lol:
  4. hehehe, i remember when i saw my FIRST real b-bag in real life.... i almost died... hardly anyone around here wears b-bags!!!!! pity that day i was wearing CHANEL! hehehehe! ***blush***
  5. i know... everytime I see a real bbag IRL my love for them is renewed! a deep rich olive huh? must be the fall 05 olive! i looove that color!
  6. Ooh sounds gorgeous! I`m not crazy about green but I love deep rich greens. :biggrin:
  7. i would love to see someone with a real b-bag. all i ever see are fakes:push:
  8. I don't see fakes. The only real Balenciaga I've seen are my friend's and my collegue's. (Although she may be annoyed at me for bringing mine to work now!)
  9. In my city, the b-bag is not yet popular... I never saw anyone carrying one!
  10. I saw an Asian girl with a real white First at the post office this afternoon. Pfer... is that you?