I saw a girl today wearing a Balenciaga..

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  1. It was beautiful, a deep olive/greenish color. Never saw one in person.
    i think I'm in LOVE!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  2. where abouts?
  3. Lol! You might have to re-think your username.:lol:
  4. hehehe, i remember when i saw my FIRST real b-bag in real life.... i almost died... hardly anyone around here wears b-bags!!!!! pity that day i was wearing CHANEL! hehehehe! ***blush***
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  5. i know... everytime I see a real bbag IRL my love for them is renewed! a deep rich olive huh? must be the fall 05 olive! i looove that color!
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  6. Ooh sounds gorgeous! I`m not crazy about green but I love deep rich greens. :biggrin:
  7. i would love to see someone with a real b-bag. all i ever see are fakes:Push:
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  8. I don't see fakes. The only real Balenciaga I've seen are my friend's and my collegue's. (Although she may be annoyed at me for bringing mine to work now!)
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  9. In my city, the b-bag is not yet popular... I never saw anyone carrying one!
  10. I saw an Asian girl with a real white First at the post office this afternoon. Pfer... is that you?
  11. Welcome to the club!
  12. I can totally relate. I am in line at cinema tickets and the girl in front of me is wearing a bbag in (i think) maldives bleu color. From that day I knew, I have to get one! I now have a white town and got it on sale I am sooo happy.
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  14. 06 Pre Fall Sapin green
  15. Would you believe I have never seen another B-bag (other than my own) in the wild??? Literally NO ONE wears them around here.