I saw a fake...

  1. ... dog carrier on eBay. It's a power seller and it looks as though the "coach" dog bags is something he sells a lot of. Should I report this? People have paid over 400 for fake dog bags and I think it's just awful. I have a genuine one and it definitely does not look like this one :sad:
  2. I would report it if you know it is fake.
  3. Do you know how to do that on eBay? I've been looking and feel like a ditz, but I can't seem to see where it says to report an item.
  4. Nevermind, I found it and reported it! I feel bad for all the people who think they got a real carrier :sad:
  5. Ya that is so sad that people were paying that much for a fake...bummer
  6. In addition to reporting this to eBay, Coach will be interested to hear about this too. I reported someone selling a fake on Amazon.com last week & they (Coach) are going to investigate. You can email them through their website.
  7. I always report fakes. I feel so bad for the clueless buyers.