i saw a fake!!! ewwww

  1. i was in the grocery, lined up at the customer service, i'm in my high pony and trainers then i saw this lady ahead of me looked at me from head to foot and am carrying my patent wristlet in choco/mahogany and she's carrying a "Goach" bag and she's all dressed up... even had the nerve to look at me like that... oh well.....
  2. HAHAHA ... funny story ... she's just hating
  3. I can't stand that stare! Makes me wanna stick my tongue out at them like I'm 5 since that's how they are acting.
  4. a Goach bag! LOL
  5. LOL!!! I thought I was the only one that felt that way sometimes....
  6. Ewwww. I actually saw someone carrying a really hideous Goach IN the Coach store!!!:yucky: :noggin:
  7. lol! I know!
  8. Oh wow! I can't stand when someone does that!! :yucky:
  9. i saw a goach hat the other day
  10. hahaha, that is funny!
  11. "Goach" bags are all over, i saw one at the outlets over the weekend.
  12. i saw a lady at the mall with a fake mandy...i didn't mean to laugh at her.


  13. hehe!! i've been seeing quite a lot of fakes here i also saw yesterday at the mall a girl using a hmmm quite crazy looking patchwork wristlet..
  14. I saw my second fake patchwork on Friday- it was a tote with the patchwork on one side and fake black/black sig on the other. I don't get offended by fakes, but I do find it a bit ridiculous to wear such obvious fakes when you can get bags (like XO) that copy Coach style, but at least are clearly their own brand and not some cheapo knock-off.
  15. I hate the stare. I've learn to live w/ it. Goach bag too funny.