I saw a fake Coach at TJ Maxx

  1. The inside serial number was werid like EF5-J876 (something like that) But it was also made in COSTA RICA!
  2. Not all Coach bags are made in China.
  3. Do you remember what it looked like? I recently saw a orange-ish plaid - possible wool - purse in several styles at TJMAXX that is authentic. I also saw it at the Coach outlet. I will look for a pic to see if this is the one u are referring to
  4. i'm never really in the coach subforum but saw this thread and have to respond. tj maxx often has really great deals on authentic coach bags, but on one occasion i too saw a fake coach bag. it had these tags on it that had random chinese language stickers placed all over them, but what really caught my attention was the fact that the leather looked more like really cheap, thin pleather. there was no way it was real and i immediately ran over to my mother and told her she really need to consult me before purchasing any bag from there as i don't want her end up with a fake.
  5. I saw a horrible fake at Marshalls last year. The straps were pleather, the bag was dirty, & there were threads hanging off the handle. It was also a shade of blue I've NEVER seen from Coach & I've been a Coach follower for nearly 10 years! I can only hope it was a return & not sent straight from a warehouse somewhere!

    So these stores do sell authentic bags, but occasionally you'll see a fake slip thru somehow.
  6. I wonder if they're getting fakes returned to them, and the SAs just don't know the difference like a Coach store or dept store would.
  7. This was a red swingpack made of leather. There was nothing else that was "Coachlike" about it. I do know they get real bags. I have bought real bags there before. I do not believe Coach was ever made in Costa Rica though.
  8. thanks for the info
  9. Yes, Coach was made in Costa Rica.
  10. I have seen two HORRIBLE fakes at Marshalls before. One was was Black sig Backpack for 159.99.. It was BAD.. it had the shiny gold sig lining that is in a lot of fakes. The other Fake was a Legacy stripe top handle pouch... but it was made out of a vinyl like material.. ugh it was horrible.
  11. Oh my, I actually really saw a fake at Marshalls myself now. It was black mini-sig but everything was off-the hardware, the stitching, the words on the creed all ran together-and the bag was light as a feather...priced at $169.99. :wtf:
  12. ^ Yikes! How scary!
  13. i guess people do but real and return with a fake..
  14. Oh my goodness! I saw a fake coach carly today at Marshalls and it's 299.99. Can't believe it!