i saw a dentelle silver speedy today and it was...

  1. gorgeous! a 30, i think. i gawked at the purse and her owner= i think she thought i was bonkers. i would have said something to her, but i was with my husband and he already thinks i'm bonkers! :smile: i *ALWAYS* see lvs at trader joes or whole foods- always. (and never anywhere else!)
  2. that's funny - i see a lot of LV at Trader Joe's, too!
  3. I think the dentelle line looks so pretty IRL!
  4. I love the dentelle BH... *swoon*
  5. That's interesting that you only spot them at Trader Joe's or Whole foods...heehee. I don't blame you for gawking because I totally would too...The dentelle speedy only comes in 30, I believe.
  6. I saw a gold Dentelle BH, and I agree, it's gorgeous! I love the Dentelle bags, but they are so out of my price range! *SOBS*
  7. i agree, lots of speedy's at whole foods. i think elux has a silver dentelle speedy for sale. i saw it last week.
  8. The silver dentelle speedy was my first ever LV purchase and I love it to death. :love:

    I always get compliments when I use it.
  9. I know its gorgeous!! I think its sooo nice, but Im scared that it is really hard to maintain and I want it to be resistant :sad:
  10. I've only seen one LV besides mine on my local TJ's...but there's tons of Hermes.
  11. I am obsessed with the Dentelle line.

    Bonjour, in reponse to your concern about "resistence", I have the Kirsten and it is very durable. I use it frequently and it still looks perfect. This line looks delicate but is quite sturdy and made with such care and attention to detail.
  12. heheh..take some SPY pics next time..:p..
  13. How much were these bags when they were released?
  14. I think they were like $1460
  15. i love dentelles.