I saw a D&B SUV driving down the street!

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  1. Hi everyone. I just popped over here from the Coach forum where I usually reside. I was driving down the road and saw an SUV (Explorer, I think) that was all "logoed out" with D&B letters. The entire SUV, front, sides and back! Then the front windshield said Dooney Girl. I just thought you all might get a kick out of that. I wish I'd had my camera, I would have taken a picture!
  2. I wish I had seen that! Must be a diehard Dooney Fan!
  3. Oh my.
  4. It was quite a sight! I don't know much about Dooney, so please forgive my description. It had the colorful DB logo, like bright & multi-colored, all over the SUV. Each DB was like a foot tall or so and they were all over the thing! It was a little crazy, but I figured you all might get a laugh from it!:smile:
  5. Wow. Very interesting. I'd have paid to see that. lol
    An "it" explorer. LOL

    What color was the base paint of the SUV? I gotta get a good mental pic going on here. :smile:
  6. LMAO @ the 1-foot tall monogram...
  7. I'm not suprised. Look @ this hot ghetto mess:
    dooney car.jpg
  8. i just choked!
  9. oh my. LOL! SOme poeple never cease to amaze me...LOL
  10. OMG...that is just too funny! :wtf:
  11. that is my car.

    No, I'm kidding, but seriously, that is the first thing that made me smile all day!!! I WISH it was my car!!

    Too funny!
  12. Oh that is too funny. Even the hubcaps have the emblems. Too cute.
  13. Yes, yes! Like that! Oh my gosh, they are like twins seperated at birth! Exactly like that, but on a white Explorer.
  14. it's very tacky-fun!
  15. Yikes.