I saw a Bottega on a girl that I just

  1. adored - she didn't know the name of the model and my descriptive abilities are poor - It was a very large shoulder bag in the wonderful woven material that BV is noted for. The only descriptive thing I can pinpoint is that the sides of the bag SLOPED down significantly into the body of the bag. I think it comes in 2 sizes and in metallics and black - I so want this bag but don't know what the heck it is - Does this ring a bell with any of you BV experts? BTW, I don't see it on the BV website. THI
  2. Sloane?
  3. It sounds like the cabat worn the alternative way, with the sides pushed in. Apologies if I misunderstood your description. If it is the cabat, it does come certainly in nero and ebano and one or two of the new colours every season. It looks like a completely different bag when the sides are pushed in. Let us know if you go for it.
  4. It could be the large veneta or Campana, Check out the Bottega in Action thread for pictures of the other peoples bottegas maybe you'll find it....
  5. if the metallic was the gold -ottone , then it limits the possibilities. i believe only the cabat, sloane, roma and one other hand held bag was done in the ottone. i think ebruo is correct and that it is the large cabat. since it is so large, with the tuck the slope would be quite dramatic and is a fabulous look.
  6. None of these bags look right - if the Cabat looks like a completely different bag, well perhaps but I'm sure the bottom was rounded. Thanks for trying.