I saw a bag last night and loved it--


Dec 18, 2006
so I am going to try to describe it here. A woman was carrying this bag and I tried to take a picture of her, but it came out fuzzy (I felt sort of crazy photographing her!) I haven't shopped for a Chanel bag in a few years, so I'm not up on names of bags. This could be a common bag, so here goes. It is like a flap, but with two distinct "sections"--sort of accordian-like. It was black, but a shiny leather and the chain was gold and thinner than my chain on my jumbo. Maybe a snake chain. It looked great and I want one!

Thanks for any insight :smile:


Mar 22, 2010
Try to go to the Chanel website to see if you find it. That way, if you tell us the name of the bag, we can give you feedback!