I saw a Azur Popincourt Haut today in Vegas

  1. I was in the Las Vegas airport tonight and I saw someone carrying a Azur Popincourt Haut. Too bad it was fake. It would have been cute if it were real. I saw so many fakes today while in Vegas but I also saw tons of real LV's
  2. the other day I saw an Azur Trouville with silver hardware, MC style :tdown:
  3. Could it be special order? Or is there any guidelines what/which style can be so?
  4. Azur can not be special order as of yet
  5. *gasp* when I saw this thread I thought it was really going to happen and I got my hopes up for a second...lol
  6. haha me too!! too bad it isnt : ( but i think the popincourt looks best with monogram.. i would love to see it in damier!
  7. hmmm...I'd love to see a REAL damier ebene PH!