I saw 2 gorgeous Kelly at the Hermes but I want a Birkin..Help!

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  1. I want a Birkin (35) but I sae two Kelly in Hermes store yesterday. I am not sure 100% about getting a Kelly but I would like to get your opinion about the two kelly I saw and what do you guy think should I get this kelly while it is there, or wait for my dream birkin which probably don't know when available. The two kelly I saw are:

    32 Kelly black rigid with gold HW. I tried them both and oooh what a feeling.:love::love:

    The other one is the most demand kelly color in GOLD also 32 and it Chevre? maybe not..correct me if I am wrong. the SA mentioned it the newest smooth leather Hermes comes with scratch resistance or something like that. This kelly comes with silver palladium and white stitches. Ohhh tdf bag!

    I tries both and I am like..in :love: :love:. The black kelly looks a little dressier than the gold one and a little more expensive than the gold?

    What do you guys think??? I told the SA I am going to think about it.
  2. if i had to choose right now, i'd buy a kelly. i'd buy a birkin later on!
  3. Definitely buy the Kelly...Definitely...you are young and you have time to get that Birkin baby! That is what I did.

    I say purchase the black and it will transcend your entire life. Don't be hesitant due to the gold hardware...I bought my black Kelly with gold HW and I always thought I would buy the Birkin with Palladium. It gives me the best of both worlds hardware/look wise. I have no regrets! That Kelly will take you through every look and day through evening.

    You will have no regrets...the Birkin will com and it will give you time to really think about what you want your Birkin to be comprised of.
  4. 32 Kelly black rigid with gold HW. I tried them both and oooh what a feeling.:love::love:

    Definitely get the black one. I ordered mine, 32 black chevre with gold hardware in Jan, and have to wait 6-12 months for a special order!!!
  5. I just lost the entire reply I made to you!!!!

    Again, buy the black Kelly now and don't hesitate. I purchase my black Kelly in gold HW when I was younger and I wanted a Birkin back then as well. A Kelly was easier to purchase. I knew whole heartedly I wanted a Birkin too. I figured I would purchase my Birkin with palladium HW and have the best of both worlds.

    The Kelly in black will transcend through your lifetime...the size allows youto use it for day or evening and the black does as well. You will never regret it.

    Kelly now...Birkin later...start saving your money now for the Birkin!!!

    Let us know.
  6. How about getting both????

    What type of leather is the black one? Box?
  7. oops...I guess my forst post made it! Sorry.
  8. Wow, Sweetea. Are you going to go for it? Have you changed your mind entirely about the python?

    I love the Kelly. I think you couldn't go wrong with it.
  9. Thanks Kellybag, happy1 and divina for you quick response!! Ohh you guys are getting me so excited now!

    Really??? So I should get the black kelly instead the gold and wait for the birkin with the palladium when it is available? Oh wow! I knew I in trouble when I was in Hermes store LOL. Well, I will have to come back and try in one more time and I will doubt I will go home without a kelly in my hand..
    Do you think the black rigid kelly good to wear with jean? The gold one seem a little more casual. But I know what you are saying about the black kelly can go very nicely to for a nice evening out..and I think I like that idea too.
  10. Melisande, I know..I know..I am still thinking about the BV phyton too..the price is so close to the Kelly..it is driving me nut that now I thinking of the Kelly too!! OUUUUUgh...:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  11. Kellybag, which Kelly did you buy? the size and the leather? The leather on this black one is rigid and seem very durable and not so soft and not so frigile as the gold one. How long have you had them and how often do you use yours?? OOOh..I am getting so excited:nuts: :nuts: and in :love: .
  12. Hi Sweetea!

    As you are not 100% sure about getting a Kelly I would wait for a Birkin instead. As you travel a lot I think you will be able to find one in Europe. Keep my fingers crossed for you:nuts:
  13. Oh Sweetea!!! If I were you I'd grab both!!! :lol: but as a matter of fact I did just get a 32cm Gold Kelly! :smile:

    Get the black chevre for your first Kelly! This is one bag that you will love for years to come and it will be a family keepsake...an heirloom :amuse:

    p.s. Forget the python BV. Get the Kelly! :P
  14. Sweetea...I bought mine over 10 years ago. Honestly, I am not sure how long, but it is over 10. It is Black with gold HW, 28 cm, and box if I am not mistaken. It is rigid and has NEVER lost shape from the day I walked out of Hermes on Worth Avenue. (Can you tell it seems like yesterday!!!) It looks brand spanking new.

    Years back I wore it with a more classic and dressier wardrobe, but then I did not need to dress as much and I became more jeans, long walking shorts, sundresses etc. My lifestyle changed. I am one of those people that think jeans are quite casual, but put on a solid color t-shirt, nice accessories and that Kelly and you have completely upgraded yourself.

    My Kelly is smaller than yours and it is still a nice size. Yours will probably be nicer because it will work more as a day bag if you need to stuff extra in there. You will LOVE IT!!!! I receive countless praises from it...mostly I feel because people I knew never really had an idea what it was worth. COMPLIMENT RIGHT THERE....obviously it looked so good that it caught their eye and they praised it.

    Get it!!!!! Then, enjoy it and start saving for the Birkin right away. You will have time to think about what you really want for the Birkin and get it in palladium like I will do. Also, you are building a nice relationship with the SA for what is ahead.

    I really lean toward black...gold is lovely, but I say black will take you through many more situations dresswise and timewise in your life. THAT IS WHY IT IS SO CLASSIC AND THE MOST PERFECT KELLY CHOICE!!! It is waiting for you too.

    Also, if you like gold think about that for the Birkin...do what I am doing...will then use my Birkin for day and move your Kelly for dressier times and evening.

    I could go on, but I think I said it all. If you need me I am here.
  15. Go get the Kelly now and wait for your Birkin ... you have time. At first, I was also not so sure about the Kelly, but when I saw one which had my name written all over it, I grabbed it!

    You'll love the kelly.
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