I saw 18 LV bags today while shopping!!

  1. Holy cow I have never seen so many LV bags in action at one time before! So today I went to the Grove (shopping center) in Los Angeles for the PCE at Coach and I swear I saw 15 LV's there!! I also saw Sanjaya from American Idol shopping w/ his mom.

    So anywho, I saw a Cabas Piano, Batignolles, MC Pochette, Popincourt Haut, BH, Montsouris, 3-Mono Speedies (one 25 and two 30's), 2-Manhattan PM's, Denim Speedy, Boulogne, Sonatine, Recital and then my Damier Illovo PM!! It was weird, it was like an LV convention!! Then I stopped on the way home at the mall in Burbank and I saw another Mono Speedy 30 and a Mini Lin Speedy 30! SO that's 18 LV sightings in one day............and that's just what I remember seeing! :wtf:
  2. WOW! Was it in a wealthy neighbourhood?
  3. :nuts: LV everywhere...lol..that was a lot tho 18 LV in one day :yes:
  4. Heehee! It's the LV fever:yes:
  5. oh and the funniest thing was my 6 year old son was like "hey mommy, she has a Louis Vuitton just like you do" every time he saw one which is prob why I noticed so many of them!!
  6. hahahA! You've got a good little boy! YOUr LV alarm!
  7. haha Sunjaya- I thought the producers kept the contestants locked in their rooms in between shows :roflmfao:
  8. What kind hairdo Sanjaya had? :graucho:
  9. Good taste.
  10. your day sounded like my day yesterday when i was at lunch! at the restaurant i saw:

    4 mono speedys
    2 damier speedys
    3 mono papillons
    2 popincourt hauts
    and then i saw a STEPHEN! :wtf: it was practically larger than the girl holding it.

    all this in a restaurant that seats no more than 30 in the span of 2 hours. crazy!
  11. OMG, he freaks me out!! He was dressed in black with his hair in a ponytail and a red bandana on and a black hat. He looked like a Michael Jackson wanne be - FREAKY!! :wtf:
    Oh and BTW, didn't vote for him as he isn't good IMO.
  12. ^:roflmfao: LV bandana? (I guess not)
  13. Yeah...I always see many LV's around the area....how did you possibly keep track:nuts: ...Sanjaya is freaky. Hope he goes bye-bye soon!
  14. I have an AMAZING memory...........too bad it didn't kick in till after I got out of school!! :rolleyes:
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Too funny!:heart: