I saved a cute little squirrel!

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  1. Yesterday, while watching my 4 little cousins while my Uncle went somewhere, I was outside playing with the kids drawling on the concrete with sidewalk chalk....

    I was just doodling along, then I heard a loud bird squeak, I then looked up, a HUGE EAGLE then came SOARING down almost STRAIGHT DOWN to me !!! :Push: :wtf:

    The Eagle supposively grabbed a poor little squirrel with its feet! :Push:

    Immediately I screamed!!!! The Eagle then got scared or whaetver and then it dropped the squirrel to the ground and then flew off.

    After that, the poor lil squrrel,without running, was still in shock, and just STOOD there, staring at me.:s ...poor thing was terrified! I then was like " WHAT ARE U LOOKING AT?! RUN!!! BEFORE IT COMES BACK FOR U!" I literally screamed at the little squirrel...lol.:lol:

    It then ran back to the tree, looked back again for a few second at me, then slowly made its way up.

    That was the highlight of my day.

    I saved the poor little squirrel from the big ol' Eagle..:shame:

    :P squirel.jpg

    just thot i'd add a pic to spice things up..haha:upsidedown:
  2. :flowers: You're so brave. I'd run away. Then again, birds freak me out! :crybaby:
  3. All right~~~:yahoo: I love squirrels. When I was still in university, seeing squirrels running about always cheered me up:yes:
  4. lol i would of ran if i had enough time! everything happend within like 5 seconds!!
  5. I always have mixed feelings about that, eagle needs to eat, squirrel needs to live! lol in the end I'm always happier when nothing gets eaten. Either way it's pretty amazing that you saw something like that happen!
  6. Aww! I'm all for saving the squirrel when I'm there to witness it! I mean, you know it has to happen, but you don't want to see it happen in front of you!
  7. :happydance:
  8. awww!...that picture is so cute!
  9. Ohh so cute! I bet that squirrel has built an acorn shrine in your honor! :smile:

  10. lol thanks :flowers:
  11. Me too!!! I see them really often (and most are so fat they could be mistaken for cats :roflmfao:) and they always make me smile! So cute :tender:
  12. AWWWWW!!!!! YAY FOR TICKLEMETHU!!! I love little squirrelies, they are so cute!! I also love the squirrel from Ice Age!(cute pic)
  13. Aww goood for you!!!
  14. that pic is adorable
  15. Wow! Thats one lucky squirrel!

    At our country house, my husband saw a hawk scoop down and try to take off with my toy poodle, Miki. He yelled too and the hawk took off. Be careful with your little guys everyone!