I "saved" $7k today....


I need more shelf space!
Sep 13, 2005
Well, not really. I felt obsessed by a very pricey Bottega bag and finally took myself to the store today to see it in person -- my scanner is on the fritz and I tried to get a picture from their website but I failed. Its a frame bag in the black woven leather but with handmade roses intertwined throughout the body of the bag and along the handle.

Anyway, they are basically sold out. They would take my name and see if they could find one for me. In the meanwhile, they brought out the press sample so I could touch and feel it.

Now I know the press sample gets abused but I would plan on having this bag for eons. Well, the roses on the press sample were all squished and misshapen and curled. Not a pretty sight for $7k. So I was able to pass on it with a clear conscience. SO much better than buying it and being peeved at myself in 6 months time.

That clears the deck for a new Tod's bag. Again, I'll see if my husband can get the scanner up and running. Its a grey hair calf MASCHERINA shopper with grey python trim. The hair calf is trimmed so it looks a bit like astrakhan. It doesn't seem to be in stores yet but Bergdorf's is having a trunk show in October. I hope to meet this baby then.

I saw that bag in Munich!!!! And I nearly bought it right after I bought my paddy!! HAHA... I guess you would call that saving money!