I saved $1,950 last night!!!

  1. I saw the Mono Riveting bag in person last night and decided it was not for me. LOL. So i saved $1,950

    Sorry for the tease :p

    I'd seen pics of this bag and thought I would love it but in person it just didnt do anything for me. Plus I thought it would be a comfortable shoulder bag but its not. The handles are not long enough for it to be comfortable to me. maybe if I was skinny.

    The base is wide also. didnt like that. and the initerior is the same as the batignolles horizontal. Pretty cheap for such a pricey bag.

    Well that's my two cents. :supacool:
  2. Good! That means I saved myself $1,950 as well!!!!! Thank you for the info!
  3. Thanks! I think you just saved me 1950...I didnt get it yet, but I'm probable going to return it when I do. I wanted it as a shoulder bag. My SA said it was!
  4. sorry it was not for you, but glad you saved the $$$ for something you love!

  5. Don't get me wrong. You CAN fit it on your shoulder but the straps are not long like the Batignolles Horizontal. They are shorter. So you have to be really skinny for it to be comfy.

    I'm about 145 pounds :shame: and it fit on my shoulder but it was not comfy.
    The base was so wide that I had to swing the bag behind my back for it to stay. It just didnt work. And the handles don't sit flat. They curve if that makes sense.

    The SA that was there tried it on her shoulders too and she said that it definitly works better as a hand held.

    But my opinion may be different than yours. I'm sure there's many out there who would love it....but I'd rather get something that I love. This was I was lukewarm about.
  6. Lol, atleast you saved money. What are you looking for in the interior of the lv bags? I think that people think the interior is plain and cheap but, IMO, I belive lv wanted the interiors to be simple so the bag itself is used not to put bunches of pockets and slots in there, in which the bag will look tacky, but again just IMHO.
  7. I do have thin arms, but I guess I'll just have to try it and see if it's comfy. I also worried about it being too busy! I was going to cancel it, but I might as well decide when it gets here-I can always return it.

  8. The inside of the bag does have pockets and different slots. But for $1950 I personally would expect a nicer interior like my mono mizi or my mono stephen.
  9. LOL, I feel like that sometimes too!

    :whistle: It's a lovely day today, for whatever you've got to do, you've got a lovely day to do it in, that's true. :heart:
  10. Too bad I don't also hate the lambskin version. I don't think I like the mono but the lambskin is really nice and oh so pricey!
  11. Yeah, for that price they should have a more plush interior. I think lv overlooks the interior of a lot of bags, esp. mono. Sometimes the lining alone makes me want a certain bag.
  12. Wow that is a lot for that bag. I think you made the right decision.
  13. good job saving $!!!
  14. My SA said is was better as a handheld as well. You would have thought they would have made the handles a tad longer so it could be....
  15. LOL I was like what was it and how can I score such a great deal.

    The mono rivete isn't moving me as much as I wanted to. I wanted a new LE pochette, but it's just not for me :push: