i sat next to a fake this morning!

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  1. I found a seat on the train this morning and plonked my silverado on my lap. The girl next to me had a fake (i'm 99% sure) black paddy ... it was stiff and the leather shiny. I couldn't stop staring and i wonder if she knew mine was a real chloe?
    She got off at the next station and i followed the fake with my eyes till she got out. I was mesmerized ....
  2. Your poor eyes....

    I saw I lot of silverado and paddy fakes...I think they have been copied quite a bit....
  3. I know there are heaps of silverado fakes - but they arent as obvious as the blatant rip off of the paddys ... i mean with the lock and all. I just would be too embarrassed to carry it.

    that sounds really snobby - its not how i meant it, just that i dont 'get' fakes.
  4. Nat and I saw our first fake Paddy at NM a week ago. I pointed it out to her as the carrier was standing at the check out counter. Div breathes, in an audible whisper, a fake. I'm nodding my head in agreement. Like OP I couldn't take my eye's off of it? Like a train wreck?

    It appears fakes center around three fields of persuasion?They mimic color (a popular one, but badly); the fugly padlock and hardware; and last the general lines of the bag, which are inevitability off?

    From being on this forum and staring at Chloe's day in day out i.e. the real McCoy's, the fakaroonies become flippin obvious?:girlsigh:

  5. Well they're like Generic drugs; people prefer them because they save $$$$$. A real good fake bag is like an AB rated Generic, very close but somethng is still off.

    But money rules this rod.:love:
  6. Actually I've seen others around. A fake Paddy was proudly on display in TWO retail establishments - Nordstroms - in the teen department on a mannequin with everything but a lock and in a department store in Taiwan on top of a circular rack. And come to think of it Mark Shale's had fake Paddies last year and this year they have fake quilted satchel Bays. Have they no shame?
  7. Isn't it shocking when you see the really bad ones??!! Impossible to take your eyes off, like seeing a real Birkin, but in a bad way of course!

    BTW, I first discovered paddies in Dec 05 after sitting next to a colleague's nanny who had the most ungodly piece of hard luggage with a big lock on top. I wondered if this was the rare "Paddington" I had only vaguely heard about (was into MJ at the time, pre-tPF). So I went home to websurf - how could the nanny have an IT bag??? - realized hers was a hideous fake, and quickly acquired what seemed like a bizzillion paddies and ediths etc over the next year plus... The nanny's was one fake that ended up costing me lots of $$ !!
  8. I am always taken aback when I see a fake Paddy! I just can't help but stare.:push::shame: The real ones are soooo much nicer. They just don't know what they are missing :nogood:
  9. I sort of suspect people are not actually aware that they are fakes. It can very well be that people that are not into fashion does not realise what they are carrying around. I wouldnt wear a fake anywhere but I am thinking that certain stores it is even worse to be seen with a fake in. They do sell Chloe at NM dont they? I am not American so haven't been there myself. But I mean if they do then it is so embrassing being there with a fake.
  10. Unfortunately with the vast majority of ill knowledged SA's in retail establishments, I even wonder if they're cognizant of a 'fake' being in their presence???
  11. We were in Florence (Div) a year ago, and I couldn't believe the fake paddys being sold on the street for $50 (I had to ask,.... big mistake, then they want to wheel and deal and follow you for several steps), and NO, I did not buy one. Have to admit, they did not good at a glance, of course, I didn't inspect it closely, but even the leather looked smooshy. It's so funny, they have them laying on blankets, (along with other designer brands), then they just pick up the blanket with bags enclosed and run if police walk by.
  12. Even so if they are not aware and there are two ladies from the forum there and one is wearing a fake it is incredbly embarssing:lol:
    I have seen the most hilarious fake bag online once. It was a fendi spy. They had embroided dragons on it :s
  13. Nordies displaying a fake???:throwup: That's very scary.
  14. Maybe she didn't even know the bag was a fake (poor thing). Or Maybe the bag was a gift from someone.
    It's not that we should consider ourselves spoiled, but fortunate!
  15. I can totally relate to the fake thing, having purchased one unknowingly a few weeks ago. It was a very good quality bag (as far as fakes go) i didn't realise it was fake till i studied the refernce library, and then i just didn't want to use it. I was able to take it back and get my money back (phew). I had to laugh to myself though, because the same day i took my bag back i was in sainsbury's and i saw a girl with a horrendous fake paddy. It was black and shiny stiff leather. sounds like the one you saw. At least the one i had was passable, unless you were a TPF girl. If you know what i mean.