I said no more impulse purchases but...I just can't help it!

  1. Oh dear, even after having been around Bal for a while gone thru the stages of wild love calming down, looking elsewhere and finally coming back , I am still not "immune".
    I promised myself no more impulse purchases:shame:... but I just could not resisit.

    I always loved ink, such a unique chameleon color and so versatile...I had a work sold it and regretted it later, then got a day but it was just too blue and not enough purplish...tried a city but leather wasn't that nice etc.......

    And then I stumbled over this one, gorgeous color, great leather, diffrent style and just couldn't say no.

    Pics arn't that good had to take all with flash.

    What do you think was it worth it?

    P1000755.jpg P1000771.jpg P1000773.jpg P1000770.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! I mean, you only live once.:devil:
  3. TOTALLY! I WANT THAT HOOK BAG TOO! where'd you get it btw? what's the damage?
  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Very drool worthy, catcat! Congrats!
  5. i think it's pretty, congrats on the "impulse" LOL


  6. Beautiful leather and color! It's great to branch out and get the benefit of more great Bal styling.
  7. COngrats!! The color is stunning :yes:
  8. i like the size...and I think it's worth it...

  9. I actually bought it from a friend who bought it last year and not used it once.
    It's pretty much the same size/shape as the work just the bottom has a "cardboard" and therefore is a bid sturdier.
    I bought it for 650 euros (about $850) don't know if it was a deal or not. I have seen the small ones on evilbay go for less but not really that size. But I think retail was closer to $1400-$1600 if I remember correctly.

    It's worth hunting down, it really is a great bag, I like that the handle fits over this winterjacket which is rather thick.

    Funny how much my love for "big" bags has grown:idea:.
  10. ^^ yay, congrats, i :heart: this style!!! :yahoo:
  11. That's a gorgeous impulse!! Congrats! Looks like you got it at a steal too ;) Ink is such a fabulous chameleon color!!
  12. I have always loved this style. Congrats catcat! :yahoo:
  13. Wow catcat! I love your new hook bag!! :love:

    I have a lilac hook tote and I LOVE it ... the handles are a perfect length, they used really, really nice leather on the hooks I've seen and they're so sporty/fun looking! Congrats!
  14. that's a bloody good deal! congrats! i love the blue against the purple, and it's even better than the Work cos of the handles. i bet they're more comfy too! :yahoo:
  15. Oh my .... that's gorgeous! Great impulse buy ... you did goooood!!! Congrats!