I said I wouldn't do this...

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  1. But I'm off to BalNY!!!!!!!! (damn them!)

    Last night I had a dream about a greige bag (yes, that admission alone is sad, but there you have it). The leather was so smooshy and luscious! So I called this morning and have a First on hold. Daisy said it's the last one and not very distressed at all. We'll see...I know it won't be as beautiful as the one in my dream, but I hope I'm not disappointed.

    That will be my 3rd bag in a month, and I know I'm getting an Anthracite City soon...

    I shouldn't. I really shouldn't.
  2. I just love you..that is something I would do, have a dream and then actually have to play it out. Let us know how is goes!! Good luck:yes: :yes:
  3. i had a dream about the grass green last night...drove into the city, went to balenciaga and bought the french blue...
  4. OMG... so funny, so far i never had a dream where balenciaga bags is in it!
  5. just wait...i'm sure you will:yes:
  6. And I did...now I have a beautiful First in Greige to go with my Marron First and Rouille Twiggy. I tried to take a picture, but I can't get my friend's camera to work. I will succeed soon (I hope) and post!

    Now I am joining the purse-ban ranks! Except of course for the Anthracite City I have on order.
  7. Whooo congrats HGF!! :yahoo: I would love to see pics of your collection now!
  8. Thanks, Pewter. What tipped the balance was the thought that next year I'd probably be bidding for a Greige First anyway. Might as well get it now!

    I will figure this camera thing out soon and post pix! I really love the Marron and Greige together. And of course the Rouille pops beautifully against both of them. Too bad I can't wear two bags at one time!
  9. ^ Do you have two arms? Do you have two shoulders?

    I actually noticed yesterday I was carrying three Balenciaga bags (if you count accessories)!!! Too funny...I had my drawstring sac, mini classique, and money wallet.

    Congrats, I can't wait to see pics.
  10. OHHH i want picture... pictures pictures pictures :biggrin:


    I yet have had a dream about bbags... probably soon.. haha
  11. Girl what are you waiting for :shrugs: picssssssssss please:graucho:
  12. Congratualations..the greige is so pretty:smile::smile:
  13. YOu didn't happen to see if they had any of the work in the marine colour?
  14. I dreamed I owned an ink first and the next day I was on an ebay mission...

    which has been accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Great choice! The Greige is just so pretty and unique. I have a feeling I will be bidding on one in the future as well!
    I've had Balenciaga bags in my dreams too but they were in more of a supporting role...