I said bye-bye to the Heritage Tote today

  1. I got back a little while ago from returning the medium Heritage Tote. I had been way too busy this week so it's been sitting in it's dust bag in the shopping bag in my closet. I felt a little pang before I took it back but once the SA took it out to process the exchange, I didn't feel as bad because it is just not the size I wanted. I couldn't have felt too sad today though no matter what because I did the return on my way back from my Weight Watcher's meeting - DOWN 5 POUNDS for Week #1 !!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. That is so great ! congratulations ! Are you doing the flex or core plan ? I think you made the right decision on the tote, you weren't so crazy about it to begin with.
  3. Thanks. I am doing flex. It didn't even seem that hard. I have a decent merch credit so I might get a cosmetic case if they are around next PCE to tide me over my ban and get a touch of pink.
  4. I'm proud of you for having all this willpower, not just for WW but to return a bag to help the greater good (your DH). I wish everyone had your clarity of vision and maturity! You are wonderful. and you will have a bag soon :smile:
  5. sounds like you made the right decision...congrats on your weight loss!!!
  6. I know how is DH doing with his recovery ? I did the flex plan and was losing wt and then I stopped it and gained more weight than I began ww. Now I am doing my own plan (counting calories and excercising more) and losing weight again but It is a struggle after having 2 babies in a row plus no time to excercise but try to incorporate more movement every day ! I am determined to make it work this time. I am tired of losing and gaining the same 6 lbs over and over again ! I love those cosmetic cases, they are very cute. I also love the heritage pink swingpack, it is adorable ! Do you have a use for this ? Is it made of coated canvas ?
  7. I am on weight watchers as well! I lost 15lbs so far...slow and steady wins the race haha. Congrats!!

    If it wasn't right for you, taking it back was the only option!!
  8. His surgery isn't until the end of the month. I go out next weekend for my interview on the 21st, get back, and then he leaves the end of that week. His actual surgery will be on the 28th. I'm scared to death although I know in the long run everything should work out and he will be better off for it in the long run.

    My problem with weight loss is that I am book smart on it but need something to keep me accountable to actually do it. Plus they give you little rewards like 5 pound stickers and 10% keychains and such. Well you are actually paying for them with your membership fees but they are an incentive. I like getting little things like that. To me it's someone acknowledging your hard work and I never get that at my actual job and not much at home sometimes (except DS#1 who is so sweet about saying things).

    I have a swingpack so I don't think I'll get another but I don't have a cosmetic case. It doesn't have the tattersall lining (it's hot pink) and while that's a little sad I also think I'd be less worried about it getting messed up. And yes, it's the coated canvas as far as I know.
  9. Thanks Candace. I just got to thinking that it's only a bag and why was I stressing so much about it with the wrong one being sent and all. DH is getting pretty uptight about the upcoming surgery so I need to try to keep him calm and focused on moving forward. He's had a bad almost two years since he was hurt (while on duty as a police officer) and it was so hard on him when he ran out of time to get back to duty and had to give up his badge. I keep trying to tell him it's only a temporary set-back and he can go back one day. He just worked so hard to become an officer in the first place.
  10. Great job! A spoonful of dirt at a time will dig a hole in the long run :yes:
  11. On the topic of WW....keep it up because it sure does work! I used to be a leader for them. I had two kids back to back, so I joined WW and lost 110 pounds in 5 months!!
    It is sooooo hard to maintain and keep on track. I just had two back surgeries, so I've been down and haven't been able to exercise at all. I just started back up yesterday and I'm going to do this all over again!

    Oh, good for you on taking the tote back.If you don't love it then you shouldn't keep it.
  12. Congrats on your program!!! That is such an awesome accomplishment!! Most people just don't understand the "food thing". I have struggled with that my entire life. (eating disorders) It's just one day at a time!:yes:

    When I have a bag sitting too long in my with the tags I struggle bringing them back too. But when I do, I don't even miss them. (it's just getting them out the door) Then I can get the credit for some new Coach things.:love:

    Anyway...I wish you the best on your interview and the health of your family!!:smile:
  13. WOW!!!! That is truly AMAZING!!!:yes:
  14. *faints* Wow.
  15. Thanks :flowers: