I said a funny thing about handbags out loud this Friday night!

  1. I was in the bathroom @ a bar with my girlfriend, barely two cosmos in, it was a light night....anyway, one of the girls she was talking to (I think she worked with her) was saying she was going to a "purse party":sick: So the idiot that I am like word vomit yells out I HATE fake bags:wtf: we were all kinda being silly anyway so no one really seemed to take offense, but the one girl was saying how she can't afford real coach bags or whatever:confused1: I don't know about you, but I, unfortunately, have been to one of these purse parties before, for my girlfriends daughter (of course did not buy anything) anyway I thought the prices were VERY high, they wanted like over $100 for a tiny fake coach bag! I think these people are just unaware, you could soooo go to a coach outlet and at least get a real bag for a similar amount of money! I think some of these people are sooooo mislead, it's upsetting. And if you can't afford to spend a little more money on something real isn't it silly to waste $100's on something that is essentially worthless?? Grrrr:hysteric: Anyway, I decided to just walk away and not say anything more that night because I know they wouldn't have listened or understood my side.
  2. 100 bucks for a fake Coach??? That´s insane. The fake bags break apart so soon that the amount of money they are willing to pay is moronic.
  3. totally agree with you here:yes: ....FIRST RULE...if you cant afford to buy the real thing DONT buy a fake. There are so many cute bags out there that arent branded. No point pretending...I think. People would respect you more. JMO:shrugs:
  4. I know! I couldn't believe how high these prices were at these things, I felt like telling the girls there to take a bus to NY, and you could buy that for $20, maybe even less! These purse party people totally take advantage of girls in my area, they just aren't as aware of things like this.
  5. this is what i always say when people use that " i can't afford a real one" excuse.:rolleyes: think about the bags like cars. if you can't afford a mercedes do you stick the benz symbol on the hood of your honda? you're not fooling anybody and you look stupid.:yes: just buy what you can afford. no one will judge you, just because you carry a no name. JMO
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. LOL:lol: that was great! Yeah, I think it's much more respectable to carry a real Guess or Banana Republic bag than a fake anything...I just don't get it:confused1:
  8. Or an H&M bag! They do cuuute inspired bags with a little teeny price so everyone should be able to afford those instead of fakes.
  9. yeah i totally agree that if you cannot afford the real one, dont get the fake one. you'll be guilty for life.
  10. Ditto!! LOL
  11. Fakes Are For Fakes!


    that "i can't afford the real thing" excuse makes them even more pathetic.... have pride, stick to your means :yes:
  12. :roflmfao: so true!!!
  13. Once you own the real deal fakes are just so nasty and not to mention cheap looking. I do not judge because not everyone can afford a 2k bag and I feel very fortunate to be in a position to save for luxury items...not all girls are that lucky so, we should not judge them until we have walked in there shoes. For myself I am super picky and would rather carry a Banana Republic or Coach handbag over a fake LV or Gucci. Buy what you can afford but, make it real. Fakes are tacky tacky tacky.
  14. i have a friend who buys fakes (from purse parties) and then she carries them a couple of times (or not at all) b/c i think she knows they're fake and she just won't carry them. so, i don't know why she even buys them!
  15. Impulsive purchases..? :shrugs:

    Well, I guess she was kinda blinded by the "great deals" at the moment... You know how many of us would be tempted to buy stuffs during sales... :P Then after that the guilt in her was unbearable that she might be embarrassed to carry the bag. She might be able to fool some people but not herself... :rolleyes: Anyway, what a waste of money... A few of those bags could actually get her one gorgeous authentic designer bag..!