I ruined my own surprise because of Chanel - LOL!

  1. I have been hounding DH for an LV bag for my upcoming birthday. I mean hounding! He thinks bags are not a good use of money, so it took considerable work on my part.

    Well, I just discovered this forum and learned of the Chanel price increases and was able to get a contact at Saks to get me an e/w caviar at the old prices if I got it before the 12th.

    I told DH that I might do that, and then, when I decided to definitely do it - effectively buying my own birthday present - he said, "Well, you'll have to return the LV that I got you! I got it early since you have been hounding me with emails from Eluxury!"


    I feel really bad because it is not his nature to buy a bag at all, let alone early! However, I cannot pass up the e/w for $400 less than the new price and the LV will be there and be the same price.

    I am hoping I don't make him too hurt by going ahead with the Chanel BUT it is going to be my very first Chanel!!! Woohoo! :yahoo:
  2. on the bright side, you saved him $400 since you were destined for Chanel.

    Congrats on your new purchase!
  3. lol! things girls do for chanel... you're not alone! i ruined my own birthday present from my parents as well over chanel lol! ;)
  4. I'm sure, since he could care less about bags and was only buying you something you really wanted, that he won't be too disappointed as you have a bag you like even more. Just tell him how thankful you are that he was so considerate and sweet and that you are in love with the chanel that HE got you and it's super special because it's your first one, which means you'll cherish it forever (just like him!).

    Big congrats and good choice! What color did you go for?
  5. I chose the e/w black caviar with gold hardware. This is my first high-end bag and I won't be getting another for quite some time, so I wanted something classic. I am very short, too, so small was on my priority list, too.

    I am very happy, but do feel guilty for ruining his surprise! In the end, though, I think this bag is going to give me more longevity then the LV.

    I'll have to make it up to him *somehow*. ;)
  6. I think you are making a great choice!
  7. Sweet hubby. You do what you have to to make them get the right thing : )
  8. LOL. That's too cute. Congrats on your new e/w!!! I love Chanel so much more than LV, but that's just me.
  9. congrats on your first chanel! what a sweet guy you have!
  10. Cangrats on getting the e-w flap. Grewt DH, maybe you can get the
    lV from him next year.
  11. Congrats on your 1st CHANEL, and having such a sweet DH too!
  12. aww, good husband! congrats on your early bday gift.
  13. congrats on your first chanel!
  14. You did the right thing! I'd make the same choice as yours.
  15. Congrats on your very first Chanel. The E/W is a great bag. I'm sure you'll be back for me.