I ruined my Marc by MJ purse!

  1. Something horrible happened. :sad: I left a water bottle in my Marc by MJ purse and the bottle happened to be unscrewed and water spilled all over my bag and drenched the entire bottom half. This is one of my softest bags, but now not only is the bottom half of my bag stained with a darker color, but it is starting to dry and feel tough. Is there anything I can do to restore my leather's former condition? I'd like to try one of those leather lotions, but I don't want to ruin the bag even more if that's not the proper way to treat it. Can anyone help?
  2. GAH! That sucks. I'm sorry :sad:

    I would try wetting the whole thing and putting leather conditioner on it. Coach sells it at Macys and it works really well.

    The dark spot *should* fade when the bag dries, but I don't have any experience with MJ so I'm not certain.
  3. What kind of bag is it and in what colour? That will affect what you need to use.
  4. I just checked luvinmybags.com (a really good site that specializes in cleaning and restoring handbags).

    They said this:
    "For water stains, there is really no at home solutions unfortunately. However it can be fixed by a professional leather technician."

    I don't suggest wetting your entire bag as I imagine that would just make it worse.

    You might want to contact the store where you bought your bags to see if there's something they can do about it, like send it back to the MJ factory. Or, you could try contacting lovinmybags.com to see what they can do for your bag. It's not free (obviously), but it's worth the money if your bag is ruined.

    Good luck!

    BTW, what kind of leather is it?
  5. Oh no!! :sad: I would take it to a pro, as this sounds a little serious, and I wouldn't want you to inadvertently hurt the bag more. Good luck, luv.
  6. I agree with missisa. I would contact lovinmybags and see what they say. I've contacted them with cleaning questions and they have been very helpful. They also have a great leather lotion.

    I'm so sorry this happened! Good luck!
  7. what bag is it? what color? is it from the turnlock line?