I ruined my Jumbo white flap

  1. Hey.. just feel the need to rant

    I ruined my Jumbo white flap today :sad:.. It was pouring relentlessly this evening, i was on my way to my car after work.. Basically i was trying to balance my lap top, a whole stack of documents and holding up my umbrella..

    I made the silly mistake of not taking out my car key before i braved the rain.. So i was juggling all the things while trying to locate my car key in my bag.. perhaps it was the rain and my bag slipped out of my hand and fell onto the ground where there were some puddles of water

    Now.. the back of my bag is brownish colour.. i tried to rub it off.. but it just wouldn;t come off.. i called my mom and she suggested i can try bringing it to chanel to get it cleaned and fixed but she doubts they would do that for me :sad:

    My So has offered me to purchase another similar bag (knowing how upset i am right now).. but this bag is particularly special to me as it was the first bag i bought after i started working..getting another similar bag just wouldnt be the same

    Anyway.. im considering bringing it to chanel this coming weekend to see if they can do something about it.. but im rather embarrassed to bring it there :sad: besides, i dont think they can do much about it...

    Thanks for listening.. just need to get it off my chest
  2. awwww...*hugs* try bringing it to the store.. I hope they can do something about it...goodluck..
  3. is it lamskin or caviar- you did not mention which in your summary. if its caviar it should have wiped off easily- since it did not i am assuming its lambskin- take it to chanel and let them treat and take care of her-they def would know how to handle.

    so so sorry about your mishap- I know you must be heart broken
  4. Aww that sucks, yes take itto Chanel see if they can work a miricle.
  5. No no.. it was lambskin and it was in white.. sigh
  6. Aww......oh no! :sad: Dun fret too much (tho' it is obvious you will, just not too much,k?) :smile:

    Bring it to the Chanel Boutique; really hope they can help you.
  7. If it's caviar, you might wanna try Apple conditioner (not cleaner).
    My bag beige caviar flap was ruined last July from colour transfer from my new black jacket.. It happened before with another jacket, but the last time with baby wipes it worked where the stain gone immediately. But unfortunately, this time not at all. :crybaby:
    I'm not exaggerating.. The stain was soo bad.. Just look dirty! On the back, the corner, on the front a bit at the flap corners, and along the strap.

    I brought my bag to Chanel and they couldn't help me at all. All they told me was to put baby powder for oil stain. I asked them what about colour transfer? Cos mine is not oil stain at all. They only told me just to clean with soft-felt cloth. Hmmm... I was so disappointed! They didn't even bother to offer me any cleaning option, etc..

    When I got back, I repeatedly cleaned with baby wipes for days that my bag ended up dry - no kidding! I swear I'm keeping baby wipes away from my Chanel now. I think to clean your bag with baby wipe is fine for short term but not on the long run. It definitely makes your bag dehydrated!

    I searched for some infos on leather conditioner used by some of the tpf members and decided to give Apple a try. Someone mentioned she tried the conditioner and specifically mentioned - not cleaner - for her lambskin. So I just decided to go for the conditioner..

    In desperation, I went ahead to order the apple conditioner (despite of the irrelevant shipping fee).
    By then, my first main concern was to bring the shine back to my dehydrated caviar. Of course, I was also hoping it would helps with the stain..but I didn't want to put too much hope.
    When I applied, the stain was still there..but it definitely does make my bag looks better! No damaged caused at all.:yes:
    So I applied the second time on the same day and leave it..The next day, when I looked at my bag guess what?! The stain is gone!!:tup:

    So you might wanna give this a try if your Chanel store couldn't help you - as in my case.
    Good luck! ;)


    Opps, I just read your new post..yours is a lambskin.
    But anyway, those people whom I read used apple conditioner before were on lambskin. I can't remember if anyone used on white tho. You might wanna give a quick search.
  8. In the extreme case, I would assume that they can re-dye the bag.
  9. I think (and hope) that it can be fixed. I have som experience with dirty/old/ruined leather, and most of it you can do something about. I don't dare suggesting anything, but i have a very mild saddle soap that I would have used, if they couldn't make it happen in the boutique.

    Good luck!
  10. I'm so sorry! I know I would be vey upset too :crybaby: Bring it into Chanel and see if they can redye the bag for you. You could keep the bag for sentimental reasons and purchase a new one as a consolation! Feel better!
  11. I am so sorry. I know how upsetting this must be. I would bring it to Chanel, there is no need to be embarrased.
  12. Oh sorry to hear about your bag.... hope it can be fixed by Chanel or Apple conditioner...keep us posted. Take care.
  13. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your bag.:crybaby:

    I think one of the worst things in this sort of situation is the wanting to kick yourself part: "If only I'd held my bag tighter/dropped the papers instead/not left my silk scarf on the floor to drop hot chocolate on it...". Or maybe that's just me? :lol:
  14. ITA with all the ladies here, I would take it to Chanel and ask them to send the bag for cleaning, it should be a part of their service. I'm soo bummed for you I know how sickening it is when a bag is ruined, it just had to happen to me once and I never bought a light coloured bag after that!:crybaby:
  15. Aww, I know how that feels, I'm sorry- it's hard to replace something that has alot of meaning behind it (you just can't)... But here's the good news most Chanel boutiques can send out handbags that have been stained, damaged, or need to be repaired for whatever reason. I interned at Chanel and I used to handle all the repairs, they might charge you to clean it- but I've seen White caviar handbags get cleaned pretty well, some even had red pen stains that came out.... they can do the best they can do to clean it and it doesn't hurt to try... I would call ahead too, just to make sure they can do that for you. Don't feel embarassed... it happens! Good luck !!!