I ruined my hair and extensions!!!

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  1. So remember when I dyed my hair dark?

    Two weeks later my hair has blotches in it. It faded on top but the ends are BLACK. My hair is a frizzy mess...and worst part?!

    My hair extensions. I washed them and stupidly matted and tangled all of them clumps of hair were falling out of them.

    So tomorrow I have to go and get a cock tail shampoo and ahve my hair redyed at a salon $$$$

    Then I have to go and buy new extensions


    :sad: :sad: :sad:

    I am going to have my hair dyed a more decent color though. I'm super sad though ladies.
  2. I feel your pain. Many many MANY moons ago, I was tired of touching up my lighter hair color and my brother convinced me to let him dye my hair back to my natural darker hair color. I agreed thinking...how hard could it be? I ended up with leopard spots - my hair was darker but with lighter spots where the dye didn't take. I had to go to several hair salons (in tears) before one would take me at the last minute...thank you Louis Licari Color Group for saving my hair so very long ago!
  3. Oh my gosh, you poor thing! I turned my hair spotty orange a couple of years ago... I had been dyeing it from medium brown to very blond myself for many years, then dyed it dark brown myself. My hair was still a-ok at this point. Then about a year later I decided to go blond again and went to a colorist. She kept telling me that it wasn't possible to get the color that I wanted and told her she was wrong and showed her pictures of a year before when I was blond. She said she's take 2-3 visits to get the color. Well three visits later my hair was nowhere NEAR blond and I was super frustrated/pissed so I bought a box of drugstore dye to do it myself. Yikes is all I can say! I spent a lot of time that weekend going from salon to salon until I found one that would take me.
  4. oh and I will never attempt to dye my own hair again!
  5. LOL< I still have an old picture of myself with bleached top, medium yellow and ends bright orange from too much dying and such... hair ended up the consistency of spider webs... scariest thing EVER!
  6. oh yikes!!
    didn't you say you had some friends that were stylists? can't they give you a deal on the dye job?
  7. eek. Are you going to dye it your natural color, or dark again?? And what about your extensions? Will you buy a new pair?