I ruined my bag :(

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  1. Okay actually I didn't ruin it, I went out to dinner tonight and a waiter spilled red pasta sause all over my Pink Burberry Bag :sad2: Does anyone know a place that cleans bags???

    Help please :sad: :cry:
  2. OMIGOSH! Is the restaurant going to pay for the cleaning bill? (Sorry, no help.. don't know where they clean bags)
  3. Oh my, that is a shame....:sad2:
  4. No they didn't even comp me, they grabbed the bag and wiped it off with soda water. I thought it was okay until I got it into the light. Should I call them ?
  5. They really didn't do anything? Damn...you should definitely call them and see what they can do for you, even if its just refunding your meal and sending your bag to the cleaners.
  6. you should call them and make them pay!
  7. Oh NO! I would be PISSED!! :mad: You should call them and let them take care of the bill!
  8. Omg, that sucks! Yes, call the restaurant and see if they'll compensate you for anything. Everytime I go to the restaurant, I always have this fear that the waiter is going to spill something on me.... boiling water, soup, or sauce!
  9. That is horrible....I would be furious! You have to call back and see what can be done on their part!!!! Please call!!!
  10. No no no no no not okay.

    Take the receipt to the restaurant and make them pay for a new bag if the stains don't come out.
  11. they should DEFINATELY pay to clean the bag or buy you a new one if it can't be cleaned. it is completely their fault and any respectible establishment would have already taken care of it! call and talk to the highest person up the food chain that you can.

    unless you tripped the waiter or something.
  12. You need to get compensated for the possibility of a ruined bag!!!!

    Call and speak to the manager and insist that something be!!!!

    You should make sure that they offer to clean the bag, and in case the cleaning does not work, they should pay you the price of the bag!!!
  13. Agreed! That is unacceptable if they don't do anything about it. Pitch a fit if you have to. It wasn't your fault, and they should compensate you for the cleaning or another bag.
  14. I agree with everyone. You should at least get them to pay for the cleaning of the bag. Let us know what happens. Good luck!

  15. I agree with everyone. go to the restaurant beyong upset...demand to speak with the manager in front of the waiter that didi this, show them the receipt and have them replace the bag. I am afraid that red tomato stains do not come off often. soooooo sorry this happened to you.