I Ruined My Bag! Pls Help!

  1. I have a great fendi bag that i purchased years ago.
    it's the fabric "big bag" with the "f's" throughout. i really don't know the actual name of the bag-sorry, but it's BIG.

    it's the same exact style that mary kate olson totes around from time to time. only difference is her's is leather.

    here is my problem: i have not used the bag in a couple of years and bc i did not store it properly the bag looks wrinkled.

    how can i fix it? again, it's a fabric bag. i tried ironing it (:wtf:) but that really didn't help.

    i really want to start using it again. it's a great everyday bag.

  2. here is a picture of mary kate: i took this picture from the celebrity forum.

    (mine is fabric though and instead of the gold "f's" mine are silver)

  3. :nuts:For a sec I thought you said you had this^ bag and you ironed it..lol! I am not sure how to fix that except for stuffing it and hoping it smooths out the wrinkles. Didn't know that the zucca wrinkled so thanks for the heads up, I'll be careful with mine. I'm sure someone else on here will have some tips though.
  4. lol kneehighz! could you imagine....

    i am so upset that i let a beautiful bag get ruined. :tdown:
  5. I don't know anything about it personally, but perhaps a professional cleaner or someone from the company could help? Good luck.
  6. As someone at a fendi boutique or Neiman if no one can help here!
  7. Could you post a pic? I hope it isn't too bad...
  8. Try useing it alot.
  9. i need to charge my camera and once i do i will definitely post a picture.
    like it said, i have not used it in two years...so it has a wrinkled look to it.

    the bag now feels very stiff. i could ask someone from NM and see what they think.

    ty ladies!
  10. Maybe try putting something moderatly heavy in it and steaming it. If you don't have a steamer, you can hang it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower - sounds kinda crazy but I do it for clothing all the time and it works pretty well.