I rolled the dice and won 3 fabulous prizes! REVEAL!

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  1. Well. Small sophia ended up being too small for me. I'm pretty tall (5'8) and she just didn't look right on me. I had already exchanged them for flaws, and then they just sat staring at me with their tags on. I almost took out my black leather one, but decided not to at the last second. It just wasn't LOVE.
    I drove to our new lovely store today to see what they had for me:smile: Although the store is larger than my other one it still doesn't have shoes... boohoo.
    There was just one love for me today. I couldn't put her down, so I bought her.
    Then on the way home I HAD to stop at the outlet, with all of those deletes calling my name!! Then, when I got home the mail man had brought me something too!
    So who's here for a reveal??
  2. I'm here!
  3. Me!
  4. Whoo hoo! Sounds like you've had a VERY productive day!
    Can't wait to see the goodies, looks like I signed in just in time.
  5. I'm ready for a reveal!
  6. bring it on!
  7. Here's the goods!!! :yahoo:
  8. Can't wait
  9. Lets see!!
  10. Okay... first what the mail man brought me! I've been stalking this lovely for a while...

  11. Here!!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. ^^^^It looks perfect on my new FP bag.....

    Next... the smallest outlet goodie....

  14. DICE!!..... and a clue....

  15. Oooh, lucky girl, that star/heart charm is gorgeous and nice and big!
    I almost bought one at the fp boutique but passed and I've been kicking myself ever since.