I returned this...and got that!

  1. Well...I didn't go to boutique yet, so it wasn't my denim legacy.

    I bought this bag a few weeks ago and love it. The problem is it had a tiny scratch, kind of like a cut on the side near the bottom. And one of the sides wear it snaps it looks wrinkly. Although it's gorgeous I decided to exchange it.
    Picture 132.jpg
  2. And I got this stuff instead!!

    My husband bought me a really nice outfit for Christmas that I didn't have a bag for. So this will be perfect! And of course I had to get the pretty pink things. I love the scarf and umbrella. And...I got the matching checkbook wallet and mini skinny to match my Bleecker Large Duffle in Bottle Green!! I'm happy!!:love:
    Larks Zemaitis and more bags edit004.jpg Larks Zemaitis and more bags bleecker wallet005.jpg
  3. Beautiful! Great haul!
  4. Very cute! i love your new goodies!:tup:
  5. Cute! Congrats!
  6. Very nice replacement pieces, Enjoy!
  7. Ooh, I think you made a great decision! I love the replacement pieces, and the bottle green accessories are beautiful!
  8. :love:Thanks everyone! I think the pink and white are perfect for summer and spring. They make me feel very happy!! (and the bag has legacy lining)
  9. You got these from the outlet, right? If not, that wallet is there for an awesome price!
  10. Beautiful replacement pieces! You get alot more goodies from 1 bag!
  11. Really cute!!!!!
  12. Pretty! I love the pink scarf :drool:
  13. Yes, these are all outlet goodies!!
  14. congrats! :tup:
  15. Very cool! I love everything and that umbrella is SO cute!!!:love: