I returned something to Coach for the first time yesterday

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  1. I've been a Coach fan for a long time, and I've NEVER returned or exchanged anything until just yesteday. I returned 3 brand new items to the same Coach outlet that I bought them from, with my original receipt, clearly within the return period, and they still made me feel so humiliated for doing it.

    I understand that returns are bad for numbers, so I don't make it a habit (obviously), but they really could have given me a break- I only returned 3 things from a purchase that was over $1,000. This outlet store is new... and they officially lost ALL of my future sales. I'd rather drive a couple of hours to get to our boutique than shop there again, even if they are only 15 min away.

    Was the attitude that they gave me normal? The clerk that took my return was so mean- he was sighing really loudly, rolling his eyes, talking to me sarcastically, tapping his keyboard really loudly, apologizing to the people behind me in a sarcastic manner ("sorry for the wait, this might take a while"), and he even called the manager over for my totally legitimate return.

    The manager didn't even acknowledge my presence and only spoke to the clerk. When we were done with the return, he walked my bag (I bought a charm) around the counter like they normally do, and responded with a totally obnoxious "thank you."

    I was blushing and my hands were trembling by the time I left the store. Ugh. There's a reason why I never return things. I should have just taken a loss and sold them on eBay or something.

    Anyhow, is this worth reporting to customer service? They DID accept my return, but the attitude they gave me while doing it was so rotten. :sad:
  2. That is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous and uncalled for. I used to be a retail manager and I would write up any employee that had the gall to be that rude. I think you should call customer service and report it for sure. I never know if it helps, but it makes me feel better when I experience or see such horrible treatment. You don't deserve that!!
  3. The way that they treated you in completely inappropriate. I work in retail and I would never treat someone that way. You did nothing wrong by returning. You had your receipt and were within the return period. The way you were treated is completely unacceptable and I think that you should definitely call customer service.
  4. Ew ass. I def think you should call customer service and let them know.
  5. Definitely. Especially if they are new. That is rude and uncalled for. I have returned many times at Coach :rolleyes: and have always been treated with consideration and respect. :tup: I am really sorry that happened to you, how rude and uncalled for! I would even maybe call the manager and tell them who the associate was.. the name is at the top of the receipt. :yes:
  6. I too used to be in a manager for a large retail store and also a customer service manager. I would most certainly call customer service and report this incident immediately. It does not matter how many items you returned, you had a receipt and the items had tags on them. The way they treated you was totally uncalled for and I am sure that customer service would appreicate a call from you to know exacly how their employees are acting. Good luck to you and keep us posted.
  7. You really do need to report them to customer service. I had a similar problem at an outlet store. I was purchasing several items for a bridal party to use in the wedding. The associates sneered at me because I had so much in my hands! I bought four wristlets for them to use during the ceremony, and four hobos and wallets as gifts to the bridesmaids. The lady who rung me up just started taking things away without telling me why! She then sneered at me telling me that I could only have three of each style unless it was an "excpetion"
    I asked her to make an "excpetion" and she mumbled something and I asked her to say it again and she yelled at me saying that it wasn't a graduation or bridal party. I explained to her that it was in fact a bridal party and she started questioning me like i was lying!!
    It was horrible! Everybody in the store was staring! I came home and was so mad that I wrote customer service. They got me in contact with the district manager and we had a nice long talk.
  8. Thanks for your input everyone! I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't being irrational for wanting to complain even though they did accept my return in the end.

    icyblue- I can't believe they did that! That's so mean... it's like you're guilty until proven innocent with them. :sad:
  9. It doesnt matter if you were returning something at a Coach Boutique or Factory store. This behavior is completely uncalled for! :tdown: If this is a new store, this will definitely hurt their sales. I have never received poor customer service whether buying or returning and even their customer service reps on their hotline have been extremely helpful. You should report it now so they can take the appropriate steps to replace the management team before their sales are completely wiped out due to this issue!

    I just returned a '06 Legacy satchel to an outlet on New Year's Eve after calling and talking to an SA. They never have a problem reselling these and I had gotten it at a different outlet, so maybe this is why they were so happy to assist with my return??

    You should never feel like you HAVE to keep an item you decided against (whether or not you plan to resell on eBay) just to avoid poor customer treatment.
  10. Ok- I just got off the phone with CS. They will forward the info I gave them to the appropriate people. I guess that's it. I hope it makes them think twice about the attitude they give to people... they will end up losing tons of sales if they continue on like that.

    eBay is always a last resort for me, since I never end up making my money back... but I have this big Coach outlet phobia now. :p
  11. Which outlet is this? I see you are in TX. PM me if you are uncomfortable posting it.
  12. That's funny, because they have a hissy fit if they think you're reselling on ebay. I have returned some bags before, and the manager is such a sweetie -- I told her I had them in the car, and she waited by the door for me, she wanted to see them first! She asked if there was anything she'd be interested in, she was so funny. I have a couple more that will go back, I bought them quite some time ago and haven't used them. I don't anticipate any problems, but if they give me attitude I will definitely call corporate. I'm sorry this happened to you!
  13. My stylist's friend returned a purse that she bought at an outlet in MI (1 hour away from home) and had shipped directly to her mother. Because she was sending it as a gift from the outlet they removed the tag and shipped it from their store. Her mother didn't like it and when the purchaser tried to return it they gave her BIG attitude at the new outlet by my house. They told her they couldn't accept a "used" bag for a return. The purchaser explained that the tags were removed from the other outlet since it was being shipped as a gift and the "worn" look of the leather was how the bag was purchased and it was how the bag was suppose to look. The manager came over and basically said "we are accepting the return, but if it is used you are the one that will have to live with yourself".

    Can you believe that????

    I would definitely call CS and complain. I would also make sure that I took back ALL of my returns to that outlet (boutique or outlet). That was completely uncalled for. I have gotten some irratated looks, but for the most part everyone has been civil to me. I know that I have a LOT of returns, but I also have SAs that strongly encourage me to buy from the catalog early and if I don't like it to bring it back. I certainly don't like my integrity being called in to question, directly or under the guise of sarcastic/obnoxious looks. If it is a legitimate return then don't let their rude attitude get to you. I am the queen of taking down everyone's name and calling CS. If this ever happens again, be sure to get their names and note the time of your return (or just look at the receipt).

    So sorry you were met with an attitude!
  14. Don't you DARE sell it on eBay for less than you purchased it for because of their attitude! Coach unlimited return policy if THEIR policy. If they didn't intend for someone to use it then they should change the policy. Please don't let this bad experience ruin your love for Coach. Are there any other outlets "near" you?
  15. Please don't misunderstand... I don't buy to resell! I only use ebay as a last resort, like when I notice I have a brand new bag from a couple of years ago gathering dust in my closet, lol. If I had my choice, I'd rather get my money back in full (if I'm within the return period) but now I'm just too embarrassed... especially now that I made the complaint and pointed fingers (I gave them names and descriptions of the people). They'll know I was the one that made the complaint, so I may get stares or comments if I went back.