I returned my spy to exchange!!!

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  1. Hi guys...

    I am late and I am getting ready to go to work but I need to post this so I get the feed back from you guys my fella bag lovers!

    Listen to this, I returned my spy to Fendy Boutique last night because...I found the imperfection it the handle where the spikes were. I don't know know if you notices from the pics I post but I checked it last night and it was noticable on the pic. It has the white (looks like white small hole in the pic in the handle) of my spy.

    Well, I can understand of the imperfection of the natural leather look or textures on the leather but if I were going to pay $2,000 something for a purse I better see nothing but a perfect bag!:blink: .

    Anyway yesterday I was so excited because I was going to wear my spy bag for the first time and I found this thing on the handle where the spikes were. There was one spike that at the bottom part of it seems it pulled or extended a little more the the rest of spikes. Oooo..I am like "no way" and :sad: so I called my SA and explained and she was really nice but I am like :evil: but tried to stay calm. She said to bring back my spy to the store which for me was inconvinient! and said she will look at the spy and see if she can find me a replacement of my spy but I was so ggrr:evil: ...why?? SO now I have to wait for the spy and it may take them a week or more to find it from other stores. She said she will call me tomorrow or in a few days. I will update when I found out.

    Now...just in case if they have problem finding a new one..of course I want my spy back (the new perfect one), I wanted to ask you guys if..if..I have to change color on my spy...in case I can't wait any longer for my brown one, which color do you think would be the best for me to get??? I don't want black, I don't want the honey..my SA said I think the white color will come soon. But do I really want the white on the spy? Maybe it looks nice but I never seen it in person. Although I loveeee white and I have quite a few of white purses already but it maybe the option for the spy. I don't know..

    Also..just in case..if I change my mind about the spy..:sad: but I still in love with the spy though..but just in case do you guys have suggestion to what other Fendy bag should I get to replace my spy..if I change my mind? What do you think of the B bag? I never seen it in person so I don't know how I would like it.

    Please..please..I need you opinion..and Helppppp!!:cry:.
  2. I think the white is cute, but another poster on this forum who has a white bag (sorry, no names are coming off the top of my head !!) was really concerned about getting the bag dirty, understandable considering what an investment the bag is. I would probably get a darker toned bag, brown is really the nicest but the blue is also stunning, albiet a bit harder to match.

    I'm not really a fan of the other Fendi bags, so I don't really have any suggestions for you.. sorry !
  3. I say brown..but why not black? It looks so stunning on the spy..
  4. It's worth waiting for a color you really want. If you love the brown, wait until it becomes available. I think that if you're going to pay $2,000+ for a bag, it should be exactly the way you want it, color and all.
  5. I agree with Cristina. I completely understand how it sucks when something you really wanted, and finally got, isn't perfect. But, I think you should wait for it. It will be better in the long run not to "settle" for something just because you want the style of the bag.
  6. Thanks you guys for your opinions, I always appreciate them. I am at work but I am sneaking out to check my post.

    I love the brown the best too and that what I have originally, let's hope they have the perfect brown one for me.

    This was my first Fendi purchased for me and it was because of the spy. my boss just came in and I had to minimize the site now. He he he just left but he interrupted my train of thought and now I forgot what I was going to say... ..I feel old..

    Oh..ok. That thing is I can only get the store credit or exchange for the return..that within 10 day (to return) but the store credit good for one year.
  7. Thanks Cris and SuLi! Yeah..I am going to have to wait...and I have to be patience..thanks for the support.
  8. I've only seen pictures of the B bag and I'm not too thrilled with it. Wait for the color spy you want. So sorry about the problems with the first one.
  9. hey ya!

    yeah i agree, wait for the colour you want - its the one you fell in love with in the first place! :smile:
    i'm really sorry to hear that your first fendi experience had to be like this.
    keep us up-dated! :smile:
  10. What type of brown was it? Chocolate, tobacco, cognac? I think you should hold out for the color you want personally.
  11. That stinks that your bag had that imperfection. I have only had one white leather bag (the bulga) and it was ruined in about 2 weeks! It still hangs sadly in my closet!!!!

    Wait for what you want!!!!
  12. Oh thanks guys. I know .. I am waiting anxiously.

    I am sorry about your bulga Kam..yeah I always have to be extra careful when I wear my white purse. Just because it is white. But so far so good. I haven't had any accident yet and of course I don't hope for that to happen.

    But is there something maybe you can do to clean or fix your bulga?? I mean can a professional cleaner help? Just suggestion. I hate when that happens.
  13. I agree, sucks that your bag had an imperfection. I'm dealing with my own spy bag drama right now. Mine had imperfections both times and then they are giving me a bunch of **** about it...I mean its not MY fault their bags had flaws *rolleyes*. Hopefully its done soon.
  14. CoUtuReLove...that's a difficult name for me to write..he he..

    I love the black usually but I bought black Epi Segur at the same time I purchased the spy so I don't want to buy 2 black bags. Also I love the dark brown better on the spy. In my opinion the dark brown looks richer and looks more distinctive.

    Now I don't know the different between dark brown, and cognac though. At the store when I was they only have Honey, Black, Dark Brown, and that gorgeous brown and rediest color with the blueist shade a little.
  15. Noriko, does your spy has the same imperfection as my spy? I hope when I see the new one, I don't see any imperfection. Goooshh..