I returned my grass MbMJ wristlet clutch!

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  1. Some of you will certainly remember how crazy I was about a MbMJ bag in grass color! This color is really gorgeous!

    But I was a little unsure about this new shiny gold hardware!

    Then I finally ordered a MbMJ wristlet cluth in grass color from NM ... it arrived last Friday ... and today (Monday) I decided to return it! I definitely didn't like its sooo shiny gold hardware ... not for MbMJ bags! Shiny gold hardware is perfect for Marc Jacobs bags, but not for Marc by Marc Jacobs bags! I really prefer the antique brass hardware or even the silver one!

    It's my opinion!

    I guess I'm on a hunt for a green MbMJ bag again! :sad:
  2. Its all preference, I guess. The gold doesn't bother me. Was the grass color beautiful? It looks very vivid in the pictures online.
  3. It's exactly the same color as shown online ... very, very vivid! Gorgeous color, but that shiny gold harware ... it's not for me!
  4. I dont like the gold hardware either.
  5. Bummer, I remember seeing some posts from you that you really wanted something in grass. It's so hard to tell if you like it or not online. Well, sometimes the hunt is just as fun as the finding. Good luck!
  6. I'm so sad that grass colored bags come with shiny gold hardware!

    Now, I'll have to try a different green on Ebay, or maybe I'll wait for the next season bags ... maybe another green will come!
  7. that is sad ... why do you think it works for MJ but not MJ B MJ bags?
  8. I think MJ bags are more sophisticated ... gold shiny hardware works for them ... .