I returned my Christmas gift, and look what I got (instant reveal)


Aug 7, 2012
United States
Although I told my husband that I dont wanted anymore LV gifts...for a while. On Chirstmas he brought me something that I told him I needed, the make-up bag in mono, I lost mine years ago, and he replaced it with the smallest size, I told him I wanted the medium, but he brought me the laaaarge! So today, and past due of the exchange date I went to the LV store where he got it to exchange it for the medium size. They didnt have it available, plus they were upset because I was returning it after the date their policy says. So I decided to exchange for a checkbook cover, the price was lower, so they got more upset, so I told him, ok, never mind, give me that little orange bag also! and please order a medium makeup bag for me...


Here they are: