I returned my Chirstmas gift... now what?

  1. Hi all, Happy 2008!!

    I received a Mono Speedy 25 for Christmas this year. While I was overwhelmed by such a thoughtful and generous gift—to make a long story short—I had to return it. I’m not a huge fan of the mono speedy (on me—love it on others); I have the Damier Speedy 30; and I think that the 25 is too small for me (I’m 5’9”).

    Due to the Holts refund deadline of 14 days the person who gave it to me returned it, but said I could pick something else that I wanted. Obviously, I want to stick in the same price range, or go lower—I don’t want to pay more (I don’t want the person who bought it to pay more and I can’t afford to contribute any extra money). So… what do I do?

    I think the Damier Azur Speedy is gorgeous, but I don’t know it is practical to have an Azur and a Ebony Damier… Also, I think I prefer the Azur speedy in a 25 (the 30 looks so much bigger in the Azur than the Ebony), but the 25 looks tiny on me.

    My other option is get another bag (non-LV), but I don’t know… (I really need a black shoulder bag, so was thinking about Gucci, but I’ve never purchased a Gucci so am nervous about leaving LV).

    You guys always give such amazing advice, so please offer any help, comments, or suggestions!!

    Thanks so much to my PF-support group!!

  2. i think the azur is definitely different than the damier. goes with different outfits and for different seasons.

    or how about a neverfull. OR could the person who gave it to you get you store credit (or a gift card) so you have time to think it over?
  3. Do you have a wallet? How about a nice LV wallet to go with your bag?
  4. I'd go for a Damier Azur Speedy 30. It's the perfect size and you don't have to worry about vachetta.
  5. why woudlnt she have to worry about vachetta?....
  6. John -Does the vachetta not get dirty on that one?

    Try a wallet.
  7. i agree with caley. go for the neverfull. different than the speedy, but the same price range. goodluck!
  8. you could get the damier azur neverfull when it comes out because it will be different! also i'm pretty sure that you have more than 14 days, I know that the LV is located in Holts but LV does not have a time limit for their return policy as long as the item is not used it should be fine. plus keep in mind that the LV in holts is owned by LV and not holts, so they still adhere to their own policies! (this is what my SA told me. I once returned a LV Manhattan PM that i bought from holts at the LV store 2 months later because I discovered a red mark on the handle!)

    Also what about accessories? The LV heart change purse maybe? its coming out soon!

    I didn't see this in the reference thread so I thought that I would mention this...
    I just came back from LV about 1 hour ago and found out that they are doing the watercolor speedy (the one with the python trim) in the regular speedy style as well. It will only come in the white colorful canvas and the regular light vachetta colored trim. this is priced at $1,195
    they will also be doing the black colorful canvas but only in the papillion style with the light vachetta leather. (not sure about the price - i didn't ask) But these will be released in March meaning you would probably receive the bag around late march-April. Something to think about if you decide to wait!
    I waitlisted for both the speedy and papillion, I love the python version but I can't see this bag being "classic" and I probably won't use it much.
  9. How about a wallet?
  10. wow, the mono color in regular speedy? would all LV's know about this? i'm calling my SA tomorrow and asking her. need to get on that waitlist pronto!
  11. what about just getting accessories.... key chain or wallet or bandeaus??? or sunglasses?
  12. agenda, or shawl?
  13. The azur is definately different!

    How about the neverfull MM or the batignolles horizontales/verticales?
  14. I'm 5'9" and I carry the azur speedy 25. The lighter color does make it appear to be larger. It is a fantastic bag and very sturdy. I have never once regretted getting this bag. Good luck!
  15. I would get an Azur Speedy! If not, what about a gorgeous wallet? Maybe a Zippy?