I returned my Amarante Cles!

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  1. After having it for a day and seeing it under the sun today, I decided that its too fingerprinty and high maintenance for me.

    I got a ride downtown from my Uncle. I didn't even show my uncle my Brown Antigua Cabas MM, I was just wearing it and he noticed my bag right away, asking if it was LV! He said that he was really impressed by my bag and that its his favorite LV out of all the LVs he's seen in a long time! :wtf: He's seen my Fuchsia Baggy PM, and both my Speedys, and his wife has a whole bunch. Today she was carrying her Babylone.

    Anyways, he was saying how nice my bag was and that he liked the colour and everything and that it was from a man's perspective! :nuts: :feminist:

    As you may have read in my other thread, yesterday at LV 3 different customers tried to look at my bag and the SA at Coach said that she liked it.

    I'm so surprised that my low maintenace "Throw around bag" is the one that gets the most attention!

    Anyways, before I went to LV I went to Hermes to exchange my Evelyne PM to the GM size.

    Then I went to LV to return my cles. I considered exchanging it for a Damier one, but the 2 Damier ones they had weren't up to my standard.

    So I walked over to Holt Renfrew to look there. They only had one Damier cles there and it wasn't up to my standard either! So I didn't get anything!

    Anyhow, the SA at Holt Renfrew saw me with my big orange Hermes bag and asked what I got. I told him I got the Evelyne and it seemed like he didn't know what it was so he asked how big it was...then he asked how much it cost! :blink:
  2. hmm. seems like the fingerprints are an issue with a lot of ppl. sad.

    hopefully you find a damier up to par.
  3. im very picky too.
  4. Aww...sorry Amarante didn't work out for you. That is so hillarious about your uncle and the Antigua bag. You sure are getting your money's worth of compliments with that bag!!:tup:
  5. Too bad about the amarante! I thought you would like it but the fingerprint issue would drive me crazy too. It's ironic sometimes that the things we think are so casual and whatever often attract the most attention! Congrats on the upgrade, they let you do that even after a month or so? I remember you getting that bag a while back.
  6. Aw..oh well. Better to take it back if you weren't happy with it.

    As a side note, I wondered when it would be appropriate for someone to use that smiley! Haha. :tup:
  7. Yes, I was all surprised too, because on the receipt it says 7 days! :wtf: And I got my bag on May 11th!!

    But my Hermes SA rocks!! :tup: I just casually mentioned yesterday that my Evelyne PM is too small, and she said that if its still new I can come in and exchange it for the GM! I love my SA! LOL
  8. You mean this one? :feminist:

  9. Haha that's the one!!! :roflmfao:
  10. Sorry to hear that the cles didn't work for you at the end. But congrats that you got the hermes~HEHE

    Now you got me thinking in getting an antigua...cuz I don't feel the "connection" when it first came out...and then I sort of like it after they add in more colors............haha Now i see everyone is complimenting ur bag.....Hmm......arnott...YOU ARE BAD:noggin:

    Ur antigua is MM/ GM? is it khaki color??? (If i didn't remember it wrong)
  11. I have the brown MM, and it was the last brown one at Hotel Vancouver...they do you have Blue GM and the Red with purple straps MM left! Or you could try Holt Renfrew.

    Only $740 for the MM! :graucho:
  12. Sorry to hear about you returning the Amarante Cles! At least you returned it before the 14 days!

  13. HEHE 740 is quite a good deal!! Do you mind do a modelling pic? Cuz i want to see the size..........TIA~ Ahh.....when did you get the antigua MM? Well....considering the fact that i'm waiting for the epi lockit......argh....and so much more down the road.....haha I might get someone to get this for me as an early bday present:graucho: HAHAHA i'm evil......:roflmfao:
  14. And that is why I dont buy it.
  15. the fingerprint issue on the amarante - is it because of the dark color of the vernis? because i've never had that problem with my beige and blue vernis before.