I returned it!

  1. So I did it, after saying I wouldn't.. I did!

    I returned my Zucca Spy that I got from Jomashop. BUT, I got 2 Fendi bags instead!!!!!

    This one from Jomashop:


    and I'm about to order the tan Spy from Diabro.net. (they are legit, right? LOL)

    So, as much as I loved the Zucca Spy.. I guess I got a better deal in the end!
  2. I have found a few threads on other subforums indicating that Diabro sells authentic bags, but nothing on the Fendi forum.
  3. I had also read good things about Diabro a while back, (I think in the Balenciaga forum :shrugs: ) but wow, :nuts: I just briefly browsed their site and they have an amazing assortment of brands at unreal prices!!! Congrats on your new bags to come, and what great deals! ;)
  4. Wow the tan spy is REALLY cheap on diabro.net....never heard of them, but hope it works out good. Keep us posted.
  5. never heard of them
  6. I just went to diabro, they do have good deals, but is it legit?
  7. I have bought Chloe, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta & Dior from them and have been pleased and happy with my purchases. Prices are great, no duties payable and shipping is very reasonable.