I returned a crap load of Coach at the boutique today

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  1. I realized that if there is a bag I must have, I will get it at the outlet. I am done with the boutique.

    I returned my Hampton's Vintage Hobo that I paid full price for about a week before it was at the outlet, my Legacy stripe cashmere scarf that I figured that I could get something a little more reasonable than $168, a Hampton's Vintage wristlet and my Peace, Love & Happiness keychain.

    I am over $1000.00 richer.

    I almost went to the dark side and bought a LV bag with it, but I didn't (yet!)....
  2. I want a vintage hobo. What color was it?
  3. Mineral and gorgeous. Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta.
  4. I hear ya!!! Im trying to only go to the boutique for little accessories - a ponytail scarf that I want to use NOW, one of the new flower keyfobs that I seriously doubt will wind up at the outlets, etc. Im gonna be all about the outlets - I've spent too too too much money buying full price from boutiques over the years, and seeing the outlet transfers just kills me, so unless its a HG bag that I absolutely HAVE TO HAVE RIGHT NOW, its outlets/ebay for me.
  5. The fact that I have no idea where the closest boutique is to me nor do I want to know, I have avoided bankruptcy. I will only shop the outlet and maybe once in a great while Ill check out ebay.
  6. Good for you for returning it all. I too have been turned off by how quickly some items have been moving to the outlet, especially when they are "limited" items. I bet it feels good to have some extra cash... and I too am thinking of turning to the brown side...LV that is. But shhh! Dont tell my favorite Coach SA's! It is them that I will miss most. But I just cant justify boutique purchases any longer.
  7. WOW, good for you!!! I also scored the mineral and gray hobos, although I'm wondering if they are too similar. I was thinking about getting rid of the mineral one..I think when I think "mineral", I think of the '07 Chelsea..that's the color I really like.

    As for the boutiques, I hear you! I'm at least trying to keep the tags on for a while to see if I can land the item at the outlet before I use it. I'm so tired of being burned. Only limited editions and harder to find items for me, and a few accessories from the boutique from here on out! And even so I've already found some of the Bleecker st. items like the Ellies, one an original xx out of xx numbered bag for $250, as well as other bags! So I even have to be careful what limited edition bag I choose to buy at the boutique!!
  8. I know what you mean, sabrina was my last full price purchase. i got a medium soho hobo for xmas, and im leaving the tags on for a while to see if they make it to outlets soon. i know large is there but i want medium. im also not going to spend any money on coach until the new outlet opens in march. (well ill try at least lol)
  9. You made a very wise choice I think! I'm only an outlet shopper myself and it's been great so far!
  10. I just heard from a worker at Coach that the next delete will include some Sabrina's! She said the list includes almost everything but the Penelopes. WOW :smile:
  11. I returned the grey spectator this weekend. I didn't care for the leather on the one I received. Even tho I got it on PCE, I decided against another one. After hearing of platinum Lily in the outlets, that was it for me. I am DONE with full price , probably even PCE. I am so tired of getting burned by Coach!!!
  12. ^^ I hear ya, Fluffy! I actually got a backup plat. Lily because they were at the outlets, and for a RIDICULOUS price!! Not that I'm complaining in that I was able to get another one, but for those of us who paid full price, PCE, or around that, the fact they were blowing them out at around $250 was a real insult too.
  13. Im with you fluffy, no more full price coach at pce for me!! once the new outlet in jackson opens that will be my exclusive store, and its just as close, if not closer than both full price stores by me.

    AND if sabrina goes to outlet, I still have a medium black leather one with the tags on that will go right back to the outlet and i will probably be able to get a sabrina and a wallet for what i paid full price
  14. Some Sabrina's are going in Feb to the outlets, not sure which ones yet, she hasn't seen the list but the manager told her. I know they are getting a rose metallic pink Sabrina in the boutique for the spring. Very pretty!
  15. That's so strange. I just talked to an SA at the outlet today and she said they hadn't heard anything about getting Sabrinas and doubted they would anytime soon! She said something like "It's just a rumor." :sad: Did your SA have a timeframe when the Sabrinas would be deleted and sent to the outlets?