I returned a Coach wallet and got this instead!!

  1. So I had a Coach wallet on my wishlist and DH bought it for me along with my Skorpios bag. However, when I saw the wallet IRL I wasn't too impressed so I returned it yesterday. Coach had a 30% sale at the boutiqe but my DH has such an aversion for Coach that he wanted me to go see what was at MK.

    Some of you may remember a bag I really adored a while back but they were only making it in the black and the luggage at the time - neither of which I liked. Yesterday they had it in a lot more colors, and I totally fell in love with this one so DH bought it for me to replace my Coach wallet.

    It's absolutely amazing how much it can hold - it looks small but it can hold a makeup bag, large sunglasses case, large wallet, hairbrush, iPhone and lots of room left over!! It's like a magic trick - you just keep pulling all this stuff out of this small space!! And it has *four* slip pockets PLUS the zip pocket and the key strap. :nuts:

    And the leather is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! So soft and dreamy!!

    It's the small Jet Set in vanilla and gold. She is soooooooo gorgeous!! She will be coming to Orlando with me in February. :yahoo:





    And with my silly kitty:

  2. GORGEOUS!!!! and MUCH nicer than a Coach wallet.....or a Coach anything!!!!!!!! LOL Is this vanilla color? I am itching for a vanilla MK for spring/summer......
    edit: just read it IS vanilla.....YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  3. That leather looks dreamy! Beautiful.

    But I have to say the kitty is even pretty than the bag. :smile:
  4. Congrats!! She is Gorgeous!! I have always liked this bag :smile:! Glad you got your smaller size :smile:. Now, if only MK had a 30% off sale .. LOL!
  5. OMG this is beautiful! congrats! oh, this has made my decision so much more difficult! there isnt a zip closure right?
  6. Gorgeous choice.
  7. It's a snap closure, but a very good one - the bag stays tightly closed. I have an Astor and the sides on that one stay wide open - it's not a very secure bag, but this one shuts all the way across - very secure - you can't just reach into it when it's closed.

    Sorry I made your decision harder - is it the larger one you are considering? It's really gorgeous. I must say I do love the smaller links on this bag - looks very rich esp. in gold. Good luck with your decision - if I can do anything to help, please let me know. :biggrin:
  8. They had eveything in the store at 15% off yesterday which is pretty good for Kors.

    I'm really growing out of Coach I'm sorry to say. I could have gotten a Sophia or re-bought the purple tartan Poppy for 30% off, but they just have no appeal for me anymore. The last Coach items I bought were from the outlet in September. I'll check out the outlet when I go to Orlando in February just in case. And I'm not holding out much hope for the spring/summer line either - for me that is.
  9. ^^ I guess 15% off is better than nothing .. well, better than tax for us at least :smile:. I have a couple of HR gift cards now so maybe I can check out the MK there when I get a chance :smile:.
  10. Wow - beautiful! I am loving all vanilla at the moment. That bag is a keeper for sure!
  11. This bag is beautiful. It looks soooo soft!! :biggrin: Congrats and enjoy!
  12. That bag is absolutely GORGEOUS.....
  13. Congrats!!! Oh I love the leather on your new bag! It reminds me of Coach Madison hippie style. I like the chain hardware details.

    Is bag the same price as a Coach wallet?
    It is from MK outlet?
  14. Me too....about growing out of Coach....went to the outlet a few days ago and saw NOTHING that I wanted.....IMO none of the stuff came close to an MK!!!! But that is just My opinion!;)
  15. hmmm...seems like i am growing out of Coach too and being drawn to MK or other leather brands...