I returned a bag,, and haven't gotton a refund

  1. According to the seller's return policy, it said
    Money back, if returned within 3 days.
    I sent the bag back the next morning of receiving the item because it was in a far worse condition than in the pictures on the listing.
    The handle was literally falling apart.
    there was no way that I pay 250 dollars for a bag that's in such a horrible condition.

    I've tried contacting seller like..5 times, and still no response. (none)
    Sigh... I really don't know what to do

  2. I hope you sent it back with delivery confirmation. Your only recourse is to get a refund through Paypal if that's the way you paid.
  3. I sent it back using fedex ground. and the tracking number tells me that the item has arrived at it's destination. that someone has signed for it.
    That's all I know..
    So there is no other way?
    Could I call the credit card company and ask?

    hope this really works out..
  4. just call your credit card company and start a chargeback.
  5. File an item "significantly not as described" with Paypal first and let them handle it. If that doesn't work out, then go through your credit card company. Paypal could suspend your account if you don't go to them first.
  6. I would file an SNAD and provide the FedEx tracking info to PayPal. Between that and the terms of the auction there's really no way you can't win. If PayPal DOESN'T provide satisfaction, charge back via your credit card.

    Also, have your contact attempts only been via Email? As a seller who's been through interesting times lately I'll recommend you pull the contact info from eBay and try calling the seller if so. If the contact info is invalid, you can have the seller NARUed if you wish.
  7. ^^ I agree - hope it works out! :yes: