I restored a Vintage Coach bag (with pics)

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  1. I've been wanting a Vintage Coach Willis FOREVER...and finally, thanks to the helpful threads on this forum - I went ahead and purchased one on eBay. I got it verified here, then washed it (after reading REHAB threads). I'm officially obsessed. My bag was made in 2000, and I love the leather and workmanship :heart:

    Here's how it turned out:






  2. Good job looks great!!
  3. Beautiful! My favorite Coach vintage color by far!
  4. Wow , I got a similar leather one , and was thinking I need to go to rehab threads. , may I ask how you did this wonderful work
  5. Thank you - I'm so happy with how it turned out!

    Mine too - it's SO classic...although I'm a little bit in love with the black version of this bag!

    I documented the process on my blog (which is in my sig)...I also linked to the TPF threads that helped me in my post. I would definitely recommend re-habbing - it takes a bag from "lovely" to "perfect" :smile:
  6. Great job! This looks super cute on you!
  7. Great job!
  8. Looks great and great on you. Good job
  9. Wow! Does not look 16 years old! Funny to think 2000 is now vintage, lol. Gorgeous! To me, this is what investing in a nice bag is. You can fix it up over a decade later and still looks good!
  10. Looks great!
  11. Isn't the old leather just so thick and rich? Sigh. :smile:
    That's one of their best colors too. Looks great! :smile:
  12. Stunning! Pure bliss!!
  13. Thank you - it was so worth the effort!

    Thanks - don't know how I managed so long without this bag - it's perfect ;)

    Yes...the 16 years old being considered Vintage is scary to me LOL...I remember visiting a Coach store with a University friend in 2000 - and thinking it would be a nice classic bag to own someday...guess someday is now LOL!

    Thank you!

    I could NOT have restored this bag without your detailed TPF post on your 2 bags.

    Thank you :heart:
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    Last edited: Mar 21, 2016
    Oh wow, thanks! I remember that old thread. I still have those "basic bags" and still use them. The older Coach leather really is bullet-proof. And there's plenty of them walking around out there. Only a few months ago, at daughter's orthodontist, I saw a woman carrying a black "basic bag" exactly like the one I had rehabbed. They really *don't* go out of style.

    (If only I looked as good as you do actually carrying one. ;) )
  15. Lovely bag, and you wear it well! :yes: