I resisted blue jean AGAIN today.

  1. I know that my unrealized blue jean fetish is turning into a joke on the forum...you guys are very sweet to humor me. In Neimans today at the Hermes boutique, a very lovely woman was checking out a blue jean bolide as well as a cognac ostrich one. She passed on the blue jean (I left before she did, so I dont know if she bought the ostrich bollde - it looked great on her!), so I visited blue jean bolide for a while. I concluded in a matter of minutes that it NOT coming home with me today. Maybe because the weather was so hot today, it looked particularly refreshing, like a bag made of gatorade. But, how will I feel about it next week, back in the Big Apple? I fear I would be tired of it in about two weeks.

    Its too bad you cant rent blue jean.
  2. oh my gosh - that was me!!!! Nice to meet you! I was going to ask you if you are on TPF but already felt kinda stupid ooogling your birkin! Loved the ostrich but I didn't get it (yet!)
  3. OMG, what size was the blue jean bolide??? I've been waiting for one for ages....was it the NM in Troy??!! Did they happen to have any other 31 Bolides?? Thanks!!
  4. Oh wow! It was very nice meeting you. I really appreciate your steering me away from the blue jean. (I'm usually not impulsive, but I can use all the help in that regard I can get). I think the ostrich bag you are considering is very cool and is a beautiful rich color and leather. It looked terrific on you, but I didnt want to offer an opinion for fear of being an officious intermeddler :smile:

    However, I think you would also be really happy with a clemence bolide. I have a bolide in black clemence and carry it almost all the time. I really like the "smushy" quality of it which makes the bag fun to carry. There is a certain tactile quality of clemence that is hard to beat, in my opinion.

    On the color issue (rouge H vs rouge garance) - this is a tough call - it would be best if you could see two bags, one in each color, side by side, one in each hand.

  5. NM in Maryland - its was a 31 mou with silver hardware - I am not sure what else they had. I didnt ask - I find them a little hard to talk to in that store. I am not sure how Neimans works but perhaps your sales lady in Michigan can call the Chevy Chase store?
  6. 31 in Clemence - NM in Washington DC. It was nice but too cool colored for me
  7. we are talking about the same NM - it is on the MD/DC line
  8. Thanks...I didn't know there was an H counter in that NM...it's not listed on the H site...the SA in Troy is very nice and always helpful so I'll ask her to find out some details....again, thanks.
  9. I didn't know NM Chevy Chase had an Hermes counter! The one in Tyson's Galleria has scarves only.
  10. jedimaster, it's very clear that the BJ bolide is not for you. I too admire the colour, but unless you were lusting after it in the store you are bound to regret the purchase in a few weeks. You did the right thing.
    I think a BJ bag must really be 100% you or you won't be comfortable carrying it. If you love the colour, perhaps sticking to BJ accessories may be a better idea?
  11. jedimaster--Those bags sound wonderful. I love the Bolide!! :smile:
  12. you know Jedi...

    you need to meet up with one of us ladies who owns a blue jean bag and wear it around for a day....

    I think DC more than NY is a navy/black town....(I lived there for 10 years) and it's perhaps the most conservative city on the East Coast when it comes to fashion. I felt conspicuos carrying a red bag there....
  13. Resistance is futile :borg1:
  14. ^^^ you were so totally just waiting for the right post to use the borg smiley. admit it.
  15. jedimaster, this could be a case of "I love the color, but maybe it's just not for me?"