I rescued a baby mouse today!!

  1. I was at my aunt's church, and the service had just let out. I noticed people crowded around this one area, so of course I had to check it out.

    There was the cutest little baby mouse there! He was so terrified that he just curled up into a tight little ball.

    I managed to get this little Tupperware container and used the church program to sweep the mouse into the container.

    My fiancee drove me to this lady I know who does small animal rescue (birds, rodents, etc).

    People were kinda making fun of me, but I could not let him just stay there and get stepped on or tortured by some kid!

    Anyway, that was my good deed for the day:yes: :lol:
  2. awww. that was so sweet. good girl!:angel:

  3. haha so nice of you!! Lucky little mouse.
  4. Awww. That is very sweet of you! I personally don't understand why people are so scared of the little critters. I don't particularly want them running wild in my house but if I found one I would take it to a nice place in the country. I am, however, terrified of bugs, any bugs. So I guess we all have our phobias, lol! ;)
  5. Aww, are you going to keep it?
    I rescued a baby mouse yeaaaars ago. Unfortunately it was soo tiny that he ended up dying :sad:
  6. How sweet!! I would have done the exact same thing. Lucky little mouse!
  7. Oh that's so cute and you definitely did the right thing :girlsigh: I once found a young bird that had hurted badly it's wing, I took it to animal hospital but unfortunately they couldn't do anything so they had to end it's life :crybaby:

    That little mouse was very lucky to have you around!
  8. How kind you are.
  9. Wonderful! I would have done the same thing!
  10. I am scared of mouse. I'm sorry but I hate them. But it's a very nice thing you do saving the lil mouse, I'm just not fond of that type of animal.
  11. :smile: It was the cutest little thing!

    I did not keep the mouse, but I know a lady who does small animal rescue that took him for me. She put him in an incubator to warm him up:smile:

    Sarah-- LOL don't feel bad! I must admit, I was alittle nervous that I would get nipped!!

    I just couldn't stand not rescuing him, though...he was so little and innocent:sad:
  12. Massive good karma to you. Every living creature deserves a chance to live. You rock!
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