I remember Black Friday last year when I worked for Coach...

  1. ...(I used to work for MSS, a Coach vendor in a military exchange) women were mobbing and shoving trying to get to purses, and some ladies took purses out of other women's shopping carts, etc. I had to leave every 30 min to walk around the huge store looking for purses that women had hidden inside of displays, mannequins, inside of clothing racks, etc. For the week before Thanksgiving, women were grabbing purses and hiding them everywhere they could. The funniest one was where they hid 3 bags, a wallet, and a couple of wristlets under a huge dress in the Maternity section.

    Even after all that madness, I'm still so excited about being able to be one of those crazy shoppers this year!
  2. That is so crazy!!! That is why I avoid those sales. Yeah, they are great, but my life is not worth the risk!! :roflmfao:
  3. LOL, that's pretty clever. :roflmfao:
  4. Hahaha! That's hilarious! xD

    I'm not looking foward to black friday. :sad:
  5. Were the deals THAT good, or were the woman just THAT crazy? lol
  6. I didn't think Coach has sales during Black Friday. I would so look forward to that. Can any SAs tell us more?

  7. The Coach boutique where I work does NOT have sales on Black Friday. There's really no reason for anyone to come into the store unless they normally would, it's just that it gets crazy because people are already in "psycho mode" just from being at the mall.
  8. Military exchanges and the outlets do. The sales usually aren't any better than they already are.
  9. Oh wow, I think I will hit the outlet before midnight, just for the experience since my sister will be in town and we can hang out. She is the biggest shopping queen I know!
  10. I know for a fact that the outlets are opening at Midnight because I got a call from an SA. When I asked her what was going on sale and how much were the discounts she said she couldn't tell me but she did say it was going to be a BIG sale. Now I don't know how big but she could also just be saying that to get people in the store.
    Happy Shopping everyone!!!
  11. If you are going to any outlet I would get there at like 8pm. Last year my cousin went right before midnight and she said it was so not worth it because you had to wait in line for so long.
  12. Black friday in FP stores are full of people going "What deal do you guys have going on today?!" and walking in and out super fast- it's madness of just people. I love it!
  13. well people annoy me at my store already...im glad im not at coach...but stores don't open till 12 why would you get there 4 hrs before they open???
  14. Ha ha... I can imagine that big belly in the dress.
  15. Hahaha that is funny!! I didn't know people go savage and hide bags before the sale!!! That's pretty smart but messed up and unfair. Anyway, man I know how it is when its a sale on Black Friday in the military exchanges. Women and teens go crazy! I went last year and almost got into an argument cause some girl tried to steal my parking spot! What an idiot! I learned my lesson, so that is why I went to the Pre-Holiday Sale before the whole Black Friday Sale craziness! And I am never going anywhere for Black Friday! It won't be worth it to me. I'll just sit home and watching people standing in line overnight on the news.