I rejected an LV gift!!! First time in my life!!

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  1. dbf wanted to buy the inclusion heart necklace for me for v-day! this is the first LV gift i rejected in my life!! :P i work in a corporate environment and feel i cannot wear that everyday...plus i think i am allergic to brass :P he knows i love the inclusion line as he gave me the inclusion ring last x'mas.

    in a way i feel bad! but i know i should have said no because i know i can't wear that all the time (i don't like taking off my necklaces for showers, etc).

    did i do the right thing?
  2. If it wasn't right for you, there's no point in having it. So you did the right thing- it would have sat in its box and you would have felt guilty for not wearing it (if you're anything like me). And itchy, if you did ;)
  3. Yes! I believe you did do the right thing. No point in dbf buying you something that you know you would never wear. You would feel bad not wearing it, so then you would wear it only to make him happy, and I think most guys can pick up on that.
  4. LV items are expensive and you should be able to enjoy them to the max. Therefore, yes you did the right thing!!! He could use that money to get you something you will use more.
  5. I think you did the right thing. I can't wear any type of metals other than gold or silver. As cute as the necklace is (I have the GM bracelet and ring that would match too), I know I wouldn't be able to wear it comfortably.
  6. So what are you asking for to replace the beauty?? lol ;)
  7. Yes, I think you didi.............just pick something else from LV instead. :graucho:
  8. ^ Exactly!

    Don't feel bad. I did the same with dh. He wanted to get me the Pomme French wallet but I told him to let me put that amount into my purse fund instead.
  9. I agree; and show us what you pick! ;)
  10. You did the right thing now head down to your local Tiffany to find a necklace you can wear everyday. the next best thing to a big brown box is a little blue one :smile:
  11. lol, exactly my thought
  12. OP, I think you did a good thing, but Mimster, I would have turned down the gift completely rather than put it into a purse fund since it would make him feel like his gift is less important than a purse that you wanted to purchase imo...
  13. Yes, if you feel it wasn't best for you then you made the right decision.
  14. ITA! :smile:
  15. I totally agree!