I regret my YSL woc purchase

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  1. I really regret choosing ysl over chanel woc. After barely using it for 2weeks , i found the edges of the bag flap already badly scuffed and starting to peel.

    While i truly love the color, proportion, and contents of the purse (so many pockets and card slots!). I am very disappointed with the wear it has shown considering its is such a (relatively) new acquisition.


    Ayone else with the same issue?

    (pic taken during sunset thus the color)

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  2. Oh no! that is awful!

    I don't know where you purchased it from, but maybe you could go back and exchange it for something else?

    I have i think the same woc in the dark dark blue and have not seen any wear on it. I have had it for a couple months. I also think that ysl does a good caviar leather.

    My ysl card holder has been used extensively and is the same as the woc and shows no signs of wear.

    Is this your only ysl in caviar? maybe its a dud :sad:

    what are you thinking of doing?
  3. This is terrible! I was almost going to get the woc myself. Sad when something like this happens to a recent purchase, I can sympathize.
    Maybe talk to saint laurent and email them directly with your proof of purchase if the store can't help? Maybe you can replace it since it may be a dud like the above poster suggested
  4. oh my god..is this the monogram medium wallet on chain? I was going to get it instead of waiting for chanel woc
  5. So sorry this happened to your bag. I was at a dept store the other day and saw one with similar marks on display. Hopefully you'll be able to exchange it for a new one.
  6. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME TOO. I have only had the bag for 3 weeks. The edges are all peeling off and the flap corner is badly chipped. I am SO UPSET. Never buying a YSL again!
  7. That's so terrible! I was just about to buy a WOC but this definitely gives me second thoughts. Hope they replace it for you. Let us know what happens.
  8. That is terrible. Can i ask where you bought it. Try for an exchange ?
    I have black chevron WOC and nothing has happened to it so far.
  9. i purchased it from FarFetch (first purchase from them ever) I have contacted them and currently waiting for a response. A real leather bag should never peel like this! None of my Chanel or LV bags ever did this.
  10. You're right! It shouldn't peel like that, especially since it's new. I must be one of the few that have experienced quality issues with Chanel. In Feb I purchased a chevron woc at the boutique, about three weeks later I noticed the leather on the strap was peeling! I used it twice. I contacted my sales assoc and she told me she didn't have a replacement, (they never have wocs sitting around) but she offered to send it for repair or refund. I didn't want to wait 4-6 weeks for it to come back to me, so I ended up repairing it myself. [emoji4] so far so good.
    I was surprised because I never had any problems with my other Chanel or LV bags.
  11. Wow that is terrible. Yeah see how you go with farfetch. They should have good customer service I believe.
  12. IMG_1478577080.675813.jpg

    Same with my ysl woc! And i had the bag only for a month, and i rarely use it. ll never buy anything from saint laurent again... [emoji30]
  13. how did you fix it??
  14. I used clear leather glue that I purchased off of amazon. It's held up and I have no idea where the raised leather is anymore, it blended in very well.
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  15. hi everyone.

    I just got a YSL matalesse wallet on chain and i noticed how the corners start to wear off from just NORMAL USE (i literally baby all my bags) so to prevent that and to give it a little "repair" I used the shine restore from lovin my bags : http://www.lovinmybags.co/shine-restore/.

    it really works well and it would use it right before taking it out just to provide that extra "corner protection" since these bags tend to have this issue of peeling on the corners
    hope it helpps everyone else out there to prevent this
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