i regret it!

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  1. After much lusting and trying and all, i regret getting my chloe kerala patent shoulder. The 'lock' thingy is a PAIN in the AS& and i just dont use it. The horse was too large so i took that off immediately and now it just sits in my closet.
    Has anyone else had this 'issue' with kerala?
  2. I think the purse is very young and hip. The ornamentation doesn't look cheesy, although I stayed away from the bag because of the 'heavy' charms; I knew they would to get to me.

    You can try to sell the bag on MP (your number of posts are good) or Ebay? Then take that money and buy something you really enjoy?

    I feel this way about my front pocket Paddy. The draping of the lock is annoying. She's only staying because of her good disposition and looks!!
  3. i just noticed my posts!!! whoo-hoo! am over 500 :tup:
    ill have to apply and see what happens. yes, i think i will have to sell her as she is so pretty and shiny and all but not for me.