I Reeaallyy Need A Small Shoulder Bag!!!!!


Which one?

  1. Recital

  2. Pochette Twin GM or PM

  3. Pochette Accessoires

  4. Pochette Cite

  5. Marelle MM

  6. Something else!

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  1. I'm after a small (for wallet, phone and lip gloss - thats it) shoulder bag with preferably just one strap.

    I've been cruising eluxury and have come up with a list of HEAPS of small bags that vaguely fit the bill lol, but have tried to cut it down to just a few.:shame:

    What do you all think of the following?

    - Recital (does the flap annoy you?)

    -Pochette Twin PM or GM (are they too skinny to fit a wallet)

    -Pochette Cite (is the zip on one side only i.e is the other side right-side up monogram?)

    -Pochette Accessoires (i have skinny arms...maybe i can carry it on my shoulder...???)

    -Marelle MM (GORGEOUS, but I'm thinking this is a bit dear for the size ...)

    If anyone owns any of these bags, has pics or has seen them IRL, I beg you - PLEASE HELP THE MOST INDECISIVE GIRL IN THE UNIVERSE!!!:cry:

  2. Pochette Accessoires :heart:
  3. I voted Something else! - I love love love the Pochette Croissant. :love:
  4. I dont know...something about the shape of the pochette croissant doesnt appeal to me - but I guess I haven't seen it (or any of these bags) IRL and u seem to really love it so I'll definitely have a look at it next time I go to LV!
  5. How about the Trottier?

    How do you plan on using it? That makes a difference. Is it for evening? Travel? Do you need to fit a cellphone.. digital camera? does it need to thwart pickpockets?
  6. I love my pochette accessoires if I am only carrying my wallet, phone and keys. I have the extender for the strap which makes it more comfortable to carry on the shoulder.
  7. I dont think I'm too keen on the vachetta bottom on the trotteur, but I'm keeping an open mind:biggrin: .

    As for what I want it for, it would be mainly just for everyday running around and the occassional (low-brow) night out.

    Does anyone have any pictures of the pochette accessoires on their shoulder???
  8. Lol sorry to double post, just adding to that if anyone has pics of ANYTHING? Particularly the pochette croissant, Recital or pochette accessoires?

    Thanks! Sorry....
  9. i vote for the pochette accesoires :smile: it's nice and compact!
  10. Can't go wrong with the pochette accessories, it holds quite a bit (surprisingly!) plus since it doesn't have any pockets and has straight lines, it works perfectly as like a divider or a cosmetic pouch in a larger bag. ;)
  11. Pochette Accessoires... it's really versatile :biggrin: You can take the strap off and use it as a clutch, or put it into a bigger bag and use it as an accessories pouch, or you can keep the strap on and use it as a shoulder bag. It's really good for going out, and it seems to match everything. Plus the monogram one is pretty cheap in comparison to the other bags you're looking up. I remember when the Pochette Accessories used to be 200 dollars (and less)
  12. Pouchette to me is a bit boring...how about the Rift??? Just a thought.
  13. RECITAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  14. The good thing about the Pochette Accessories is that you can use it inside a larger bag or a tote. It's not expensive. If you get tired of it it's easy to get most of your money back in resale.
    Normally I wouldn't recommend the bags with the leather bottoms, but the Trotteur is a shoulder bag, so you wouldn't be likely to set it down by the sink in a ladies room. You could condition the bottom and leather trim to reduce the likelihood of stains. It's bigger than the pochette and holds a lot more.
    You might want to try a Danube. They go for about $600 new but you can usually get one for about $200 - $250 on ebay. I had one and sold it and now regret it. The shoulder strap has those gripper bumps which keep it on your shoulder better than any shoulder bag I've ever had. It has an outside pocket which is good for a cellphone - easy to answer your phone since you don't have to unzip the bag.
  15. Something else how about the mini looping!