I redecorated our guest powder room...

  1. ...with my very own Murakami. Of course it's just a framed scarf but at least my guests could enjoy all 33 colors as they powder their noses. Hope you guys like it!
    Vuitton Multicolore Scarf Bathroom 1.jpg
  2. it looks amazing!!
  3. looks goood...i would paint whole room LV...:heart::yes:
  4. ^^ i know! like the walls at MOCA (wish they sold wallpaper, i would get it in a flash!!)

    anyways, it looks great! thanx for sharing.
  5. Very well done...I love it!!
  6. Oh, that is so cool... good idea!
  7. Oh, that looks great! What a brilliant idea.. :tup:
  8. Great idea!!! Love it!
  9. ~Pretty:tup:, I was thinking abt. doing that w/ the Monogram Classic scarf. Thanx for sharing:flowers:~
  10. Very creative :smile:
  11. That is so pretty and such a good idea!
  12. Looks great framed! Great idea!!!
  13. It looks great framed on the wall!
  14. very cute!
  15. What a neat idea! It looks great!