I recommend this bag!

  1. Since I am selling my $1000 bbags and trying to stop being such a purse snob (gotta build my savings acct. back up FYI) I decided to give the new Dooney and Bourke Vintage Leather Pocket Sac a try. I just got it today and I LOVE it! The leather is so freakin' good and the color and style are so "me." Very casual and worn-in looking. And nothing like the teenager-looking it bags. You can see my bag here:

    eBay: DOONEY & BOURKE 'Pocket Sac' Purse - Brown/Brown *BNWT* (item 270014179938 end time Aug-08-06 11:30:02 PDT)

    It looks so much nicer in person. I am really really pleased with it!
  2. I'm so delighted for you! the leather looks really yummy and the bag looks like really good quality
  3. It's a great color!! Thanks for sharing with us. I bet you'll get a lot of use out of it!
  4. The leather looks great! And you got a great price too! Congrats :flowers:
  5. it's a great bag LoriB, i usually never liked D&B, but this bag is exceptional.
    congrats :smile:
  6. That is a beautiful bag - I could see myself using something just like it. Peggy
  7. Great looking bag! First time I think I saw distressed leather on a D&B. I have always loved some various Doonies but lately I stayed away hearing the quality has been lacking. Let us know how this does for you. I might have to look into one.
  8. I had lots of errands to run today and took this bag all over the place. I LOVE THIS BAG!!!! I have never seen D&B leather like this. The distressing is perfect. The quality is amazing (thus far.) The size of the bag and particularly the strap is just absolutely perfect. I can't name one single thing I don't love about this bag!
  9. That's a gorgeous bag. The leather looks amazing.
  10. A really great bag! The leather looks so beautiful!
  11. Great bag, I love Dooney always have. I know that you will get compliments on your bag, Congrats!!!:supacool:
  12. Ever since you posted this I have been thinking about this bag. I went and took a gander on Ebay and only saw one listed...so I grabbed it with BIN. I Love this bag. There are a million pocket sacs with the logo DB's on them but this bag is harder to find and just great for everyday. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Good for you! I sometimes feel like a bag snob too and have cut back.
    I like D&B leather bags especially the vintage bags.
  14. I have a soft spot for Dooney's Nile collection too. But you'll NEVER see me with Hearts/Tattoos/Bees/or DB's. I guess I am a plain Jane when it comes to purses. I am a sucker for distressed leather (That's why I am Kooba nuts) and this Dooney really caught my eye. You got a good deal Lori. I paid 229 for mine.
    Do you still like yours? And the quality?
  15. I have several Dooney's and love them. This bag is a nice looking bag. I have not seen it before. Enjoy it.