I Recieved My Choc Patchwork Stam.. Pics!.. Opinions!..look!!

  1. After posting in the "Authenticate this" forum and having several members say "looks great but post pics when she comes" I am finally able to post my pics since my first stam EVER just came in the mail today!!:yahoo:

    So here she is! Please let me know what you think about her! I love this bag so much but am still very torn ever since I fell in love with a deep chocolate elastic stam at Neiman Marcus a couple weeks ago. The elastic Stam was full price retailing for $1350 and I found this one for a little less so I went for it. Still not sure which one I would pic if they were equal price.. I think I have to go back to NM and take a second look now that I have my Patchwork Stam.. What do you girls think?

    Don't get me wrong- I am so in love with this bag it's just that I love both styles but I can't afford two right now.. well I can afford two but my BF won't let me.. lol.

    Please give me your thoughts!
    Untitled 1.JPG Untitled.JPG Untitled 3.JPG Untitled 4.JPG Untitled 5.JPG
  2. delicious! I'm craving some chocolate now!
  3. Congrats!! Sure is pretty! hmmm... I am hungry now. :roflmfao:
  4. It's gorgeous. A very striking and rich color.
  5. gorgeous!
  6. :drool:Love the chocolate Patchwork - It looks so rich & yummy!

    I didn't know that there was a Quilted Elastic in Deep Chocolate - are you sure it wasn't the Classic Quilted (not the Elastic)?? I think I would stick with the Chocolate Patchwork - you never know when another one will come along (I don't think they make them anymore), but it's very possible that there will be another Brown (Chocolate) Classic Quilted sometime down the road. I think the Patchwork is a little softer & squishier than the traditional quilting - I vote for the Patchwork!

    Congrats on your first Stam (Bet it won't be your last!):lol:
  7. That is STUNNING. I'm so envious.

  8. Thank you for all of kind words! I am guessing that everyone agrees that it's authentic?

    Iluvmybags: You are probably right b/c the SA I was talking to didn't know what she was talking about.. she had to look the bag up in a binder just to tell me it was a Stam (which I obviously already knew). she said it was elastic but I always thought that it was a regular "Classic Quilt".. also- I believe the color was just "Chocolate".. I added the "deep" to it because it was so rich. I wish I could see a picture of one.. Do you know who has a pic or where one is posted of a Chocolate quilted stam?

    Thank you!!
  9. So rich and decadent. Love it!
  10. Rich color..it's gorgeous.
  11. Very rich color...it's amazing. Congrats on your first stam (pretty sure won't be your last)!!!
  12. I wonder if she wasn't talking about the Patchwork?? I haven't seen any other stam recently in the color "Chocolate" except the Patchwork - there's a "Truffle" that both Saks & eLuxury have at full price ($1350)


    there's also a black with brown stitching which I've seen at Nordstroms (I can't find a pic online) - But I haven't seen "Chocolate" in anything other than the Patchwork - Anyone else seen one?
  13. ^^ Ive seen it in quilted truffle! it looks devine!
  14. It probably is the truffle.. I am going to call back and ask someone else what the exact name/ color is. All I know is that is was a very dark, rich brown and it was STUNNING.. Still thinking about that bag today. I need to see it again! Thank you for your help.
  15. that brown is gorgeous! my favorite patchwork color - congrats!